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I’m so excited to head to WPPI again in March! It’s a huge photography convention and trade show where thousands of photographers from all over the world join together for several days of learning, networking, shooting, and partying! One of the things I look forward to most is shooting in and around Vegas, and since I have had so many people ask me to teach them how to shoot at night I decided to just take a leap and host a shootout during WPPI! The theme is Vegas after Dark | Sequins & Sin, and I have a great model that I have worked with before and the shoot will be very glam and very sparkly and VERY VEGAS! Since my goal is to do a shoot that is fun and informative and help people get kick ass images to add to their portfolio, I am just asking for a nominal fee to cover the model, makeup artist, and wardrobe.

I’ll be bringing along some of my favorite lighting toys, including some triggers for everyone to play with in case anyone doesn’t have them. Plus I’ll demonstrate some of the different lighting techniques I use, including what we did when we were shooting in the middle of the Anza Borrego Desert in complete darkness!

This is not an official WPPI affiliated event, and I don’t think it interferes with any of the WPPI classes. There will still be plenty of time to party (or be responsible and go to bed early so you can get up for those morning classes lol!). Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!

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WPPI 2013 Shoot Sequins and Sin

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We had the greatest time last night with Alexis & Eike shooting their engagement photos at Sunset Cliffs! These two were all cuddles and giggles, and there may have been beers, margaritas, and carne asada fries involved at some point! It was such a blast! It was so fun that a huge wave decided to photo bomb us! LOL! More to come soon! : )



I had a fun time shooting with OMG! Fashion Store in Old Town Temecula on Monday. We had a great group of models and stylists, plus super cute outfits selected by Melissa! I can’t wait to edit these, but I had to share a couple!




While we were shooting, a huge group of tourists walked by and started taking photos of our shoot! I’m pretty sure they thought one of our models was Taylor Swift! What do you think?


We are so thrilled to share that Cory & Tyler’s sweet barn wedding at the Keeler Property has been featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Occasions Magazine! What makes it even more exciting is that this is the premier issue of Occasions’ Florida Edition! I’ve been a fan and admirer of their Atlanta magazine for a while now, so I was elated when I heard that they were branching out to Florida! Occasions Magazine features inspiration for fĂȘtes, soirĂ©es, and celebrations of all kinds! It’s chock full of pretties, and I know you’ll love it as much as we do!

The magazines is hitting newstands as I write this (we’re anxiously waiting on ours to arrive in the mail), but in the meantime you can view the digital version HERE! You’ll find Cory & Tyler’s wedding on p. 132-134. They have one of the sweetest love stories I’ve ever heard, and since Cory is a super creative graphic designer she designed some amazing details for the wedding!

A big congratulations to Cory & Tyler on having your wedding featured, and kudos to Occasions Magazine on the launch of the Florida edition! So excited about what the future holds for both of you! : )



We were so excited to meet up with Carolyn & Patrick recently for their engagement photos in Old Town San Diego. This adorable couple is planning a fall wedding at Immaculate Conception Church, which we got to take a peek of during our session! It’s a beautiful historic church in the heart of Old Town, and it’s going to be a charming setting for their nuptials!

Carolyn & Patrick chose to shoot the rest of their engagement photos at Torrey Pines State Reserve. This park captures the beauty and essence of southern California’s gorgeous rocky coastline and was such a romantic setting for sunset photos! With their toes in the sand (and sometimes in the chilly water), these two were playful, cute, and carefree! I felt like I had a case of the giggles because they were so much fun to hang out with! We can’t wait to see them again for the big day! : )


























GTP in the Anza Borrego

January 18, 2013

We take thousands and thousands of photos every year, but rarely do we get on the other side of the camera! So when we were out shooting bridal fashion in the Anza Borrego Desert we decided to updated some of our pics as well! Here we are with our two pups, Peanut and Taz! They love travel and photography as much as we do! : )

Ocitillo Wells_Small

Matt and I just got back from a fun afternoon hanging out with Carolyn & Patrick for the engagement session in Old Town San Diego and Torrey Pines State Reserve! I can’t wait to share the full session, but before bed I wanted to post a couple quick sneak peeks! These two just couldn’t be any cuter!! : )



What’s Next?

January 10, 2013

Earlier this week, I attended the What’s Next workshop in Los Angeles, hosted by my two favorite photographers on the planet, Justin & Mary Marantz! Seriously, check out their work! It’s totally classic and iconic and 100% swoon-worthy!

But this workshop wasn’t about taking pretty pictures. It was about getting down to the nitty gritty, and there were times when the ugly truth was just right there in front of you, and you just had to look it in the eye and not back down! The What’s Next Tour is about identifying and understanding your fears so that you can move past them. It’s about daring to dream, and setting goals so that the dream is within your reach!

For the past 6 months, all Matt and I have been doing is trying to survive. Trying to sell the house, pack up our lives and move across the country while still giving 100% to our couples. For the last 3 months of the year we were living a bi-coastal life, flying back and forth to complete the busiest part of our wedding season. It wasn’t more than we could handle, but it meant that all we were able to do was live in the NOW. There certainly was no time for planning what’s next.

Even on the way to Los Angeles, I thought of all the things that I needed to work on. The to do list that keeps on growing, despite this being the “slow” part of the year. I even called Matt at one point and said, “Would it be crazy if I just turned around?” It’s so easy to make excuses. But I went in and I started hearing all of the stories of other photographers who, like me, had fears. Had obstacles. Had obligations. But they, too, were there because they wanted more for themselves and for their businesses.

My first goal from the workshop was to get my business cards ordered. That sounds like a small task, but it was one of those things on the to do list that kept getting pushed back. So Mary challenged me to get them ordered yesterday. I was about to go to bed because Matt and I couldn’t decide on a design, but I got up and I was determined to complete it. I submitted my order at 11:59pm! Because if I couldn’t reach this one small goal, how was I going to finish the big ones?

We knew we put a lot on the line when we made the decision to move to California, but we felt that personally and professionally it was the right decision. Though we are starting over, it’s not completely from the beginning. We bring with us a wealth of experience and knowledge (sometimes learned the hard way). So now we are sitting down to look at what has worked over the past 5 years, and what hasn’t, and dream big for our goals for the next 5 years! I am really excited about the changes we are talking about making, and I have some crazy dreams of what I’d like to see for our business!

And while we’re dreaming, I went ahead and signed up for the test to be a contestant on Jeopardy! Maybe next I’ll audition for The Voice! : )



Justin & Mary are officially rock stars! I totally wanted to get a tour of the bus!






We’re so excited to finally share the images from our Anza Borrego bridal shoot in December! The desert is a place I’ve fallen in love with, and I think you’ll see why! The beauty of the desert seemed like a perfect fit for a bridal fashion shoot, especially with a dress as unique as this one designed by D’marie Bridal Couture! And the black dress that Danielle designed worked so well for the evening part of our shoot!

I knew the idea to shoot in the desert was a bit ambitious. It’s a two hour drive from San Diego, so it really was a full day commitment. I had to go out there to scout the location to tell the film commission and the park administration exactly where we planned to shoot. We had to take a primitive road to get to our spot (past a No Trespassing sign, but we had permission to be there). There were no restrooms and no place to change, so we rented an RV to use for the shoot. It rained the night before (winter rains are vital to the desert’s ecosystem) and there was a forecast for rain in the morning, so we thought the shoot might have to be cancelled. Fortunately, we had to rent the RV for 3 days so we stayed in the desert the night before. Contrary to what the weather forecast said, we knew that it was bright and sunny. We were also able to make sure that our location was accessible and safe for the shoot.

Another challenge was that we were up against time. Since our location was surrounded by mountains, the sun sets much more quickly than it does on the coast. If you can believe it, all of these images were shot within an hour! We shot for about 30 minutes with the sun beyond the mountain (but not yet below the horizon) and another 30 minutes after sunset. To give you an idea of what the shoot was like, here’s a shot without our flashes (left) and with them (right):


Matt was holding a flashlight on the models, which was our only source of light to see with! Danielle was holding a reflector for us to diffuse one of the flashes (we used 4 total). There was no moonlight and no city lights to provide any kind of ambient light. Not only was it completely dark, it was also freezing cold! In between shooting, each model took a break to put on a jacket and warm up. They were so phenomenal to work with on this shoot! We seriously could not have done this without such experienced and talented models!

There are a lot of things we were depending on for this shoot to go right, but we really had an amazing team collaborating on this project! We can’t thank each of you enough for your commitment to this shoot and for sharing your amazing talents!!

Gown Designer: D’marie Bridal Couture
Bridal Model: Stephanie
Bridesmaid Model: Chloe
Jewelry Designer: Flawed Perfection Jewelry
Makeup Artist: Kelsey Doonan


































Favorite Moments of 2012

January 2, 2013

Wow! 2012 was quite a year! When we started reviewing all of our weddings and engagement sessions from the past year, I kept saying, “Wait – that was THIS year??” It has been a long, incredible year filled with some wonderful memories with sweet couples (and their amazing friends and families)!

We began and ended the year in south Florida (almost ended up being the same venue!). It was a great start and a great end, and everything in between was equally awesome! There were countless moments of laughter, tears, and a ton of kisses! We traveled across the U.S. and the Caribbean. There were rainbows and sunsets of every color, oceans and mountains (and even a shoot in the desert). Our couples said, “I do!” in the churches they grew up in, with their toes in the sand, and in beautiful gardens. Their nuptials followed the customs of different religions, and they carried on family traditions (some even started new ones). Most of them were just beginning their lives together, while one special couple celebrated 25 beautiful years of marriage with a vow renewal! Each wedding was so unique and special, but all of them full of LOVE!

2012 was also a year of big changes for us. This past summer, we decided to make the huge move from Florida to California. It’s so crazy to think we used to fly out here for weddings, and now we’re doing the reverse! We really ove being wedding wedding photographers in Temecula! We spent almost 200 hours traveling for weddings in 2012 (whoa!). Fortunately, Matt and I are travel junkies, and the distance only made it even sweeter to see our couples again!

When we collected our favorite photos from the past year, we felt that there was one song that tied all the special memories and all the travel together. Warm and special thanks to all of our 2012 couples for allowing us to share your joy! This song is dedicated to you!

And to our 2013 couples, we look forward to all the wonderful new memories we’ll make together! Cheers to the new beginnings and new adventures! : )

Rachael & David | January 7th | Jupiter, FL
Leslie & David | February 1st | Montego Bay, Jamaica
Nkese & Craig | February 18th | Jacksonville, FL
Stacey & Adam | March 10th | Middletown, CT
Cory & Tyler | March 17th | Jacksonville, FL
Ashley & Louis | April 14th | Ponte Vedra, FL
Tracy & Dennis | April 21st | Jacksonville, FL
Rachel & Dylan | April 28th | Port St. Joe, FL
Ashley & Zoiner | May 5th | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Sarah & Glenn | May 26th | Daytona Beach, FL
Susana & Rob | June 9th | Orange Park, FL
Kirsten & Josh | June 23rd | San Diego, CA
Elizabeth & Koye | July 1st | Eleuthera, Bahamas
Nicole & Chris | July 7th | St. Augustine, FL
Jessica & Demetrius | July 29th | Jacksonville Beach, FL
Tina & Mike | July 30th | St. Augustine, FL
Candace & Jonathan | August 11th | Marianna, FL
Chanchal & Naresh | August 17th | Amelia Island, FL
Laura & Billy | September 2nd | St. Augustine, FL
Katie & Andy | September 22nd | Richmond, VA
Dayna & Steven | September 29th | Harmony, FL
Deyanna & Brandon | October 13th | Montego Bay, Jamaica
Jordan & Kacee | October 21st | Jacksonville, FL
Jamie & Matt | November 11th | Ponte Vedra, FL
Whitney & Aaron | November 17th | Kingsland, GA
Anne & David | December 1st | St. Augustine, FL
Ashley & Judd | December 8th | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Good Life” by One Republic used with permission from