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WPPI 2013 | Day 4

March 12, 2013

Yesterday was my best day at WPPI yet! I started off by going to the trade show and visiting with one of our vendors, Midwest Photographic. We get some of our presentation items (DVD cases and boxes) from them, and they were so cool and hooked us up with a pass to the convention this year! Thank you guys so much for that! While visiting their booth I got to see one of their new products, which I am excited to introduce into our boudoir line this spring! Can’t wait to show you!

After the show, I headed over to the Paris for a themed shoot with Victor Sizemore. He hosts the best shoots during WPPI, and I was so excited to finally sign up for it! We had a great time shooting models around the Paris and then we headed over to a swanky hotel suite to finish up our shoot and shot a little boudoir. Ooh la la!

Then I headed back to the hotel to rest my feet before the Madera Books party. Such a fun time and I got to chat with a lot of great people! At the end of the night as we were leaving we ended up in a group that flash mobbed unsuspecting guests coming back from their night out. It was pretty hilarious!

I’m getting ready for Day 5, but before I go here’s a picture from the shoot yesterday!


3 Responses to “WPPI 2013 | Day 4”

  1. Steph Owens says:

    Ooh La La! is right… gorgeous shot! I am so hoping to join the ranks of my colleagues next year for WPPI! Miss you my friend!

  2. alexis castellano says:

    Very nice picture! Sensual but super classy at thesame time!

  3. Thanks Alexis! I think so, too!

    Stephanie, I would sooooo love it if you came out to WPPI! I hope you can make it next year!!

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