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When I received an email from one of our brides last December asking if she could download photos from her gallery, I knew our current proofing site wasn’t the right solution for the future. I had heard of a system called PASS, but it wasn’t until I attended Justin & Mary’s “What’s Next?” tour in LA that I realized PASS was right for our business!

What exactly is PASS? It’s a cloud-based gallery that allows you to view, share, and download your photos! The dynamic gallery is stunning, and the interface is so easy to use! Here’s a brief introduction:

PASS – A new way to share your photos from Showit on Vimeo.

Gone are the days of worrying about losing or scratching up a DVD. PASS has you covered! With PASS, we can also get photos to you with lightning speed, rather than burning discs, packing them up, and sending them through snail mail. As soon as your gallery is up, the photos are at your fingertips! Share away on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

The PASS gallery is online for one year, with an option to renew at the end. If you choose not to renew, your photos are stored in the cloud in case you ever need to retrieve them again! Can you say that about a DVD?

We’ve been using PASS for all of our 2013 weddings and so far the feedback has been great! Aside from a few user error issues (on my end), it has been a fast an efficient way for me to deliver photos to our couples! The layout of the galleries is just beautiful, and I love that you can save galleries right to your phone. Our couples can literally take their wedding photos with them wherever they go! I save them all to my phone too, so it’s my portfolio on the go!

The best part about PASS is that I can deliver photos faster. We recently had a nightmare of an experience where a package we sent to one of our couples was lost in the mail for almost 2 months. With PASS, I don’t have to worry about photos getting lost in the mail, which is really great for our international couples and couples who live out of state. Once the gallery is up, they have their photos! I know this makes them happy, and it makes me so happy, too!

If you want to see PASS for yourself, check out this cute gallery I put together of some cute animals that Matt and I have taken photos of:

PASS Gallery

I think PASS has identified a real need in the photography industry. DVDs are becoming obsolete, as evidenced by many photographers moving to USB drives and my vendors sending me emails about new presentation cases for USBs. But USBs pose the same problem – you can lose them! I’m relieved knowing that my couples’ photos are safe in the cloud.

For those photographers who don’t deliver digital files, PASS gives you the option to turn downloads off (on paid galleries only). Yes, photographers can try out PASS for free with galleries that are available for 30 days. But when you calulate the cost of DVDs and the presentation case plus shipping (oh, AND the cost of a proofing site on top of all that) the gallery costs about the same, or in my case even less! For all the benefits it offers, I consider it one of the best investments I’ve made in our photography business!

Another plus for photographers is that you can see the reach of the photos. Our couples have friends and family all over the world!

PASS map

Right now we are offering an opportunity for any of our past GTP clients to try out PASS with a free one year gallery! If you would like us to put your wedding or portrait photos on PASS, please shoot us an email at! : )

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