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Favorite Moments of 2012

January 2, 2013

Wow! 2012 was quite a year! When we started reviewing all of our weddings and engagement sessions from the past year, I kept saying, “Wait – that was THIS year??” It has been a long, incredible year filled with some wonderful memories with sweet couples (and their amazing friends and families)!

We began and ended the year in south Florida (almost ended up being the same venue!). It was a great start and a great end, and everything in between was equally awesome! There were countless moments of laughter, tears, and a ton of kisses! We traveled across the U.S. and the Caribbean. There were rainbows and sunsets of every color, oceans and mountains (and even a shoot in the desert). Our couples said, “I do!” in the churches they grew up in, with their toes in the sand, and in beautiful gardens. Their nuptials followed the customs of different religions, and they carried on family traditions (some even started new ones). Most of them were just beginning their lives together, while one special couple celebrated 25 beautiful years of marriage with a vow renewal! Each wedding was so unique and special, but all of them full of LOVE!

2012 was also a year of big changes for us. This past summer, we decided to make the huge move from Florida to California. It’s so crazy to think we used to fly out here for weddings, and now we’re doing the reverse! We really ove being wedding wedding photographers in Temecula! We spent almost 200 hours traveling for weddings in 2012 (whoa!). Fortunately, Matt and I are travel junkies, and the distance only made it even sweeter to see our couples again!

When we collected our favorite photos from the past year, we felt that there was one song that tied all the special memories and all the travel together. Warm and special thanks to all of our 2012 couples for allowing us to share your joy! This song is dedicated to you!

And to our 2013 couples, we look forward to all the wonderful new memories we’ll make together! Cheers to the new beginnings and new adventures! : )

Rachael & David | January 7th | Jupiter, FL
Leslie & David | February 1st | Montego Bay, Jamaica
Nkese & Craig | February 18th | Jacksonville, FL
Stacey & Adam | March 10th | Middletown, CT
Cory & Tyler | March 17th | Jacksonville, FL
Ashley & Louis | April 14th | Ponte Vedra, FL
Tracy & Dennis | April 21st | Jacksonville, FL
Rachel & Dylan | April 28th | Port St. Joe, FL
Ashley & Zoiner | May 5th | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Sarah & Glenn | May 26th | Daytona Beach, FL
Susana & Rob | June 9th | Orange Park, FL
Kirsten & Josh | June 23rd | San Diego, CA
Elizabeth & Koye | July 1st | Eleuthera, Bahamas
Nicole & Chris | July 7th | St. Augustine, FL
Jessica & Demetrius | July 29th | Jacksonville Beach, FL
Tina & Mike | July 30th | St. Augustine, FL
Candace & Jonathan | August 11th | Marianna, FL
Chanchal & Naresh | August 17th | Amelia Island, FL
Laura & Billy | September 2nd | St. Augustine, FL
Katie & Andy | September 22nd | Richmond, VA
Dayna & Steven | September 29th | Harmony, FL
Deyanna & Brandon | October 13th | Montego Bay, Jamaica
Jordan & Kacee | October 21st | Jacksonville, FL
Jamie & Matt | November 11th | Ponte Vedra, FL
Whitney & Aaron | November 17th | Kingsland, GA
Anne & David | December 1st | St. Augustine, FL
Ashley & Judd | December 8th | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Good Life” by One Republic used with permission from

We hope that you’ve enjoyed Parts I and II of Chanchal & Naresh’s wedding at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island! We’ve shared photos from the mehndi and sangeet party and also from their Indian and Sri Lankan wedding ceremony. Now we’re excited to share images from their gorgeous reception!

Chanchal & Naresh changed into formal wear for the evening’s festivities. Naresh looked dashing in a classic tux and bowtie and Chanchal was a vision in a shimmering gold dress! The ballroom was illuminated with colorful uplighting that changed throughout the evening, taking it from an intimate setting during the dinner hour to party time as DJ Suhel pumped it up into the late hours of the night!

It was bittersweet to see Chanchal & Naresh’s wedding celebration come to an end! We had such a wonderful time getting to know them and their family and friends. Everyone made us feel so welcome, and Chanchal & Naresh are so caring and genuine that it felt like we had known them for years! Thank you for allowing us to be part of such an important event in your lives! We wish you both all the best! : )





























We hope you enjoyed Part I of Chanchal & Naresh’s wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island. Today we’re delighted to share their wedding day, a fusion of Indian and Sri Lankan traditions. What I love is how they engaged all the senses. Visually it was stunning – vibrant and colorful and Chanchal was bejeweled like a princess. The music provided a subtle ambiance while beautiful scents filled the air. It was all so captivating!

The ceremony was conducted by Chanchal’s father, which I thought was so special. I thought about how it was such a reflection of past and present, of two people and their families joining to become a new family. We are so honored to be part of documenting this family history. <3 Ritz-Carlton-Amelia-Island-Wedding-Photos-20.jpg































I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my images from this Indian wedding at the Georgia Aquarium! It was such an incredible opportunity to shoot with my talented friend Rupa Kapoor (the best Indian wedding photographer in Atlanta!). This last entry focuses on the reception details, which include a swanky lounge area, gorgeous lighting, and some of the aquarium’s features. The decor was created by Shushil of Utopian Events, and it was beyond amazing!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed some of the details of this amazing Indian wedding in Atlanta! Hopefully I’ll have some images from an Indian wedding in Jacksonville to share with you in the near future! : )

All images are copyright of Love Captured Simply.










Yesterday I shared images from an Indian wedding at Ventana’s that I shot with Atlanta wedding photographer Rupa Kapoor of Love Captured Simply. Today, I’m sharing an Indian wedding at the Georgia Aquarium – and this bride is the twin sister of the one in yesterday’s post! These two gorgeous girls had separate wedding ceremonies and one elaborate, elegant wedding reception (which will be posted tomorrow!).

The fantastic part about having a wedding at the Georgia Aquarium in the Oceans Ballroom is the array of fish, sharks, and whales that swim by during the ceremony! Every once in a while you heard guests going “ooh” and “ahh” when something would swim by. It was a beautiful place to get married!

Tomorrow I’ll post a few details from the reception. You won’t believe how this space was transformed into a very swanky reception area with a lounge, casino, and a dance floor in addition to dining and dancing space! Thanks again to Rupa for allowing me to come shoot!

All images are copyright of Love Captured Simply.













Since I’m hanging out with my friend Rupa this week on our photography retreat in Vail, I thought it would be a great time to share some images that I shot for her last June. It was a double Indian wedding in Atlanta, and it was just phenomenal! I am so thankful to Rupa for allowing me to come second shoot for her, because she’s so talented and such a great friend! So if you are looking for an Indian wedding photographer in Atlanta, definitely check out her website! Of course, if you’re looking for an Indian wedding photographer in Jacksonville, you can call us! : )

So here is Part 1 of 3 of the amazing double Indian wedding. The two brides are twin sisters, and they had separate wedding ceremonies with a joint wedding reception. The first wedding was at Ventanas in downtown Atlanta, a gorgeous event space covered with windows with a rooftop that has the most incredible view of the skyline. Ah-ma-zing! The bride surprised her groom with a helicopter ride around the city as his wedding gift!! And if you think that is cool, just wait until you see Parts 2 and 3! Sorry, that’s all I can tell you for now! You’ll just have to keep coming back to see what I mean! : )

Thank you Rupa for the opportunity to shoot with you! It was the experience of a lifetime and the couples and their friends and family were so wonderful. It was an honor to be part of their wedding memories!

All images are copyright of Love Captured Simply.























We recently traveled to New Jersey to photograph Kiranmayi & Rishiraj’s beautiful wedding. Their wedding ceremony was a blend of a traditional South Indian and North Indian wedding traditions and it was AMAZING! On Friday night, we attended Rishi’s bridegroom making ceremony and were introduced to most of the family members. We had so much fun and after the ceremony we ate some delicious samosas (the biggest ones I have ever seen). They were soooooo yummy!

On Saturday, we began our day very early to capture the bride and groom getting ready for the big day (which is always my favorite part of the wedding day). The bridal preparations are always so much fun because of all the excitement and anticipation of the wedding ceremony. When I first arrived at Kiran’s hotel, I met makeup artist Melissa D’Aloia. After hair and makeup, Kiran was dressed in her sari and we began the journey to the temple for the wedding celebration!

While I was with Kiran, Matt attended Rishi for his wedding day preparations. Matt sent me a text with a photo of what Rishi was wearing that day because it was so ornate and gorgeous! The groom and his family arrived at the temple and were greeted by Kiran’s family and honored through various traditions. It was one of the most heartwarming parts of the day, and throughout the ceremony it was so evident of the emphasis on family. I thought that was such a beautiful element of this wedding!

Though the day was filled with prayer, it was also a very social event! After the bride and groom saw each other, everyone gathered close to take part in the rest of the wedding traditions. It was unlike anything we have ever seen before, and we LOVED it! Everything happened so fast and we had to be ready every moment for what might happen next. I think our favorite part had to be when Kiran and Rishi poured rice and other things on each other’s heads. As you can see from the photos below, they really went crazy with it! Everyone was filled with happiness and laughter and it was such a joyous event!

After the wedding festivities were complete and we finished with photos, we went downstairs from the temple to enjoy an amazing lunch! Throughout all of the wedding activities, everyone treated us like we were close friends or part of the family. They were always asking if we were comfortable or needed anything and ALWAYS wanted to make sure we were very well fed! Even after eating two plates of food someone would insist that we eat more. And trust me, if there was any possible way to eat more we would have because we LOVE Indian food! But we really appreciate how much Kiran and Rishi and all their friends and family made us feel welcome from the very beginning. We enjoyed being part of the wedding day and hope that they enjoy the photos and memories of that day! And trust me… there are a TON of photos!

The pictures tell the story much better than we can! I just wanted to tell a little about the wedding day because it was so different from any other wedding we have shot before! We are so happy that Kiran and Rishi are finally married because she was living all the way in San Fran and he was in Ohio! No more long days of travel to see each other!

Congratulations Kiran and Rishi, and thank you so much for letting us be part of your wedding day! : )