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This year at WPPI I wanted to do a lot of shooting. It only makes sense to shoot while at a photography convention, and it’s such a great way to meet other photographers! Since I love to shoot at night and I didn’t see any evening shoots set up, I decided to put one together myself! The lights of Strip were the perfect setting for what I had in mind! I contacted Clark County to obtain a photography permit (something we’re accustomed to doing in SoCal) and started to plan the shoot!

I contacted a model I’d worked with previously during a shoot at WPPI. Her name is Shelby, and of all the models at our shoot she was the best one. She understands how to pose and change her look so that each frame shot is something different. I also knew that she worked well with multiple photographers. I only wanted to do this shoot if she was available, and fortunately for me she was!

We had about 10 photographers in our group, and seriously I was so lucky to have the coolest people come out for the shoot! Everyone was friendly and helpful, which is how a shootout should be. Sometimes you find one person who thinks it’s their show and takes over and the introverts end up not getting to shoot as much. I brought a few things to play with on the shoot so everyone could try out different techniques (and hopefully learn at least one new thing). We used natural light, off camera flash with triggers, backlighting, video light, water spray and glitter. Most of these I have done before, with the exception of glitter. And let me tell you, it is surprisingly HARD to find glitter in Las Vegas! It took me over 2 hours to find a place that sold it! Even Party City didn’t sell it, but they did have confetti, which worked out better anyway!

It’s amazing to see the shots that everyone got. We all shot the same thing, using the same type of lighting, but they all turned out so different! This shoot was one of the highlights of my trip to WPPI. It was so nice to hang out with a group of talented, creative people and walk around the Strip shooting a gorgeous model. Thank you so much to the incredible photographers who participated, and of course to our model Shelby and our MUA/hairstylist Victoria! Here are a few of my shots from the shootout:

















At WPPI, I took part in a Paris World’s Fair themed shoot hosted by Victor Sizemore. He puts together the best shoots at WPPI, and I’ve been wanting to do one for years! I was so excited when I found out this year’s theme was Paris World’s Fair! Is there anything sexier than Paris?

The first model, Sarah, had a fun and flirty look. I love the pink lipstick and the feathers, and she totally got into character and was carefree, dancing around and playing with her dress.

Our third model, Danielle, had a very editorial look, especially the way she was styled by Renee Delsigne and her look created by hair and makeup artist Amelia Cline-Cooper. I embraced the shadows and highlights, especially for the black and white shots. The black lingerie was très sexy, but the silk slip was very simple and elegant.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of the model in red. : (

Huge kudos to everyone involved in this shoot! It was such a blast, and I really enjoyed meeting so many talented and creative people! I can’t wait to see what next year’s theme will be!

Creative Team:
Victor Sizemore Photography
Renee Delsigne | Stylist
Amelia Cline-Cooper | Hair and Make-up

Danielle Wyszomirski (model in black)
Sarah Scott (model in white)














WPPI 2013 | Days 6 and 7

March 15, 2013

Whew! I am so glad to be home after a very long week in Las Vegas! I had a great time and met some awesome people, but it’s always nice to come back home!

The last two days weren’t wasted, though. On Wednesday I went to a boudoir shootout at The Lady Silvia, which is a fun venue with eclectic furniture and tons of books. It was a speakeasy theme, so not exactly the type of boudoir that I want to shoot, but it was a fun idea. There were several models but we also had a couple. Here’s one of my shots:


Afterward I met up with some of the ladies from the boudoir shoot I did on Saturday to go see the Tournament of Kings show at Excalibur. One of the models from Saturday, Paul, was in the show and hooked us up with tickets. It was one of the highlights of my trip to Vegas, for sure! We were in the section for the bad guy, which was a lot of fun!

My last day at WPPI was pretty short, but worthwhile. I went to two platform classes (one on international weddings and one on marketing). Unfortunately, the international weddings one wasn’t too informative, but the marketing one was fantastic! At the end we went off topic and talked about SEO, which is something I can always improve on!

Overall, I enjoyed my trip to WPPI. I will probably go back next year, but not for a whole week and hopefully not by myself! My roommates were all awesome and I met a lot of new people, but it’s definitely not the same without the hubs with me! : )

WPPI 2013 | Day 5

March 13, 2013

Yesterday I spend most of my time at the trade show, which is my favorite part of the actual convention. I love to see what’s out there and also visit my current vendors to see what’s new. There’s something about seeing a product in person – picking it up and feeling the quality. This is especially true when it comes to albums. I am very selective about the binding, the materials used, the printing, and the company in general.

After some time at the trade show I had to run out for my mentor lunch with Victor Sizemore (who also hosted the shoot I did on Day 4). It was nice to pick his brain because he is based in California but also shoots a lot of destination weddings. He gave me a lot to think about moving forward. As we build our business on the west coast, we need to figure out what we want our business to look like.

After lunch, I hit the trade show for the rest of the afternoon. My primary purpose this year was to find vendors for my boudoir brand. I found several companies that fit what I am looking for, though one in particular stood out. I can’t wait to get home and order some samples!

No photo shoots yesterday, but I snapped some photos on my phone. Here’s a shot of the hallways outside the trade show along with one of the albums I’m considering for boudoir!



WPPI 2013 | Day 4

March 12, 2013

Yesterday was my best day at WPPI yet! I started off by going to the trade show and visiting with one of our vendors, Midwest Photographic. We get some of our presentation items (DVD cases and boxes) from them, and they were so cool and hooked us up with a pass to the convention this year! Thank you guys so much for that! While visiting their booth I got to see one of their new products, which I am excited to introduce into our boudoir line this spring! Can’t wait to show you!

After the show, I headed over to the Paris for a themed shoot with Victor Sizemore. He hosts the best shoots during WPPI, and I was so excited to finally sign up for it! We had a great time shooting models around the Paris and then we headed over to a swanky hotel suite to finish up our shoot and shot a little boudoir. Ooh la la!

Then I headed back to the hotel to rest my feet before the Madera Books party. Such a fun time and I got to chat with a lot of great people! At the end of the night as we were leaving we ended up in a group that flash mobbed unsuspecting guests coming back from their night out. It was pretty hilarious!

I’m getting ready for Day 5, but before I go here’s a picture from the shoot yesterday!


WPPI 2013 | Day 3

March 11, 2013

I’m having such a great time out here in Vegas for WPPI! Today I spent most of the day getting ready for our Vegas After Dark | Sequins & Sin Shootout! I spent 2 hours searching for glitter. In Las Vegas. Like glitter should NOT be a hard thing to find here!

This was my first time hosting a shootout, and I couldn’t be happier about the group of talented and amazing people who came out for it! Everyone was helping each other and they were fabulous! I love seeing that, because it’s not always like that at a shootout. I hope everyone at least learned one new thing! We played with video lights, speedlights, water, and glitter, and of course shot against the backdrop of the sexy Las Vegas Strip! I really had a great time hanging out with everyone, and I am especially thankful to our makeup artist Victoria, my WPPI roommate Mindy for saving my sanity (seriously, she’s an angel), and of course our fabulous model Shelby, who is such a sweet and talented model! I’m so excited to have had a chance to work with her again!

And I know I had fun because I am totally wiped out! Tomorrow is a packed day, so time to catch what little sleep I can! : )

Sequins and Sin

WPPI 2013 | Day 2

March 10, 2013

Day 2 of WPPI was soooo much fun! I attended a boudoir shootout hosted by Tammy Nguyen Le and Aundrea Shafer at Rumor Boutique Hotel. It was so much fun! Boudoir is always a good time, and we even had did a little bit of couples boudoir with a super hot couple! All the models were amazing and so sweet, and the group of photographers was as well! We had some champagne at the end and a few of us went to dinner at the Hard Rock. What a great time!

Just a little preview from the shoot. Time to get ready for Day 3! : )


WPPI 2013 | Day 1

March 9, 2013

Hey lovelies!

I’m writing you from fabulous Las Vegas at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Convention and Expo! I’ll be blogging daily from here so you can see what WPPI is all about!

This is my second time attending WPPI, and I’ve definitely learned a lot since the first time. I have a full schedule, but I don’t think I’m overdoing it – one class each day with some shootouts and networking events mixed in. But my favorite part of WPPI is the expo, where you get to see all the exciting new products from different vendors! I can’t wait to see some of our favorite GTP vendors, including MidWest Photographic who hooked us up with a free pass to the convention!! You guys ROCK!!!

I felt like California did NOT want me to leave! As soon as I left my house, hail started to pelt my car! Then I drove through a bunch of rain, and a couple times there were snow flurries!


But I finally got here, and checked in to our room at the MGM Signature. It’s such a nice, quiet retreat from the craziness of Vegas, and the staff are super friendly! Here are some iPhone pics of our suite:



After getting settled in I headed over to the Monte Carlo to meet with wedding stylist and coordinator Samantha Jackson from Pensacola, FL. What a great way to kick off WPPI!

Here are a couple pics of Vegas. One is the NYNY hotel and the second one is the view from our room at the Signature! Hopefully the rest of my posts will be with photos from my camera and not my iPhone, but I couldn’t do a blog post without pics!! : )