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Bachelorette Bash

January 30, 2008

It’s only Tuesday, but already last Saturday seems like a blur now. Fortunately, Steph took a bunch of pics so I can relive the night. I was running around all morning trying to get things done (go to my weigh in, go grocery shopping, pick up wedding dress #2 from the seamstress, come home and clean, then prep all the food and decorate for the party). But everyone started arriving around 6:30pm and I had so much fun! When the limo arrived, neighbors came out of their houses to stare. Yeah, I guess it was quite a sight! My one neighbor stopped me yesterday and said it was the biggest limo he had ever seen. But hey, us ladies (and guy) deserved it! I have to admit, I’m spoiled now. I can’t wait to get another limo for a special event. I’ve already tried convincing Matt to let us get a limo next month for my birthday. I don’t think he’s convinced!

We all had some champagne on the way down to the Gypsy Cab Comedy Club in St. Augustine. Once we arrived, people were staring again. Hehe! I think we liked the attention. :) The comedians were hilarious, and the club owner, Jackie, definitely made my face turn red. She was such a riot!! Oh, the things she said to me… too funny!

After the show, we all headed back to Jacksonville. Most of our party decided to head home (smart move, as I recall being fairly sober when we came back). However, Steph, Carl, and I continued the party at Aroma’s Cigar Bar, and it got pretty bad from there. We chugged (yes, chugged… it was about a 2-3 mile ride) another bottle of champagne on the way to Aroma’s. Then I had a chocolate martini, glass of wine, plus who knows how many cloves, and when we left I was ready to pass out. And I did. Matt picked us up and I remember begging for McDonald’s, then once we got food I complained about how nasty it was. Then I begged to go home. I wasn’t too hung over the next day, but I’m sure I passed out immediately after we got home.

I have to make this a quick blog because it’s bedtime! Two more days of work and I am OUT OF HERE, but I need some beauty sleep for sure. Here are a few pics from Saturday night:

2 Responses to “Bachelorette Bash”

  1. Corinna Hoffman Photography says:

    Fun stuff, Gwen!! :-D

    Bon Jour! Have a wonderful cruise and congrats on your upcoming nuptials in Jamaica :) Can’t wait to see the pix when you guys get back!

  2. ~Cheryl says:

    Looks like someone had fun! ;) Great pictures- although I can’t wait to see the ones from the wedding! Wish I could be there- miss you!

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