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29th Birthday Party

March 4, 2008

For my 29th birthday, I was surprised with a birthday celebration at the Melting Pot. I was convinced that it would just be me, Matt, Steph, and Geoff, but when we arrived we were brought into this neat private room (surrounded by wine bottles) and everyone shouted “Surprise!!” And surprised I was! I was even looking at the wine bottles in the glass wall and didn’t see anyone inside. Duh! I was in la la land not expecting anything except to see Steph and her hubby. It was way cool! Carl was supposed to come up the next day, but he somehow managed to get up to Jax in time for the dinner. Beth, who I had just seen at work a few hours before, was there… and gave me no indication that she was going to see me later that night! And Vic and Candi were there also. Candi’s birthday was just a couple days later, so it was a double birthday celebration!

Fortunately, Beth brought her camera and she and Steph captured a few images from the night. Note to self: keep the little camera in the purse at all times. Steph decorated and made a kick ass jazzy looking cake and even brought an easel for everyone to paint on. The food was excellent, but the company was even better! As amazing as the Melting Pot is, I don’t know if I can ever go there again and have a better night than we had that night.

Here are a few pics from our night. It was definitely the most fun I have ever had on my birthday!!

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