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My First 18

May 31, 2008

I need less expensive hobbies! If I think about what we spent on golf in the past month, I could have gotten a nice new lens for my camera! But I have to say getting a good shot is a lot more rewarding than it is in photography. The feeling of hitting the ball just right and the sound that it makes leaves me breathless for a moment. Then when I come to realize what just happened there is a rush of excitement. It feels a lot like being in love. I even kissed my golf ball today. I used this same ball all day. I used another one on most of my drives and used this one for the rest of my shots. I lost the other ball about 3/4 of the way through the game (which is why I used a ball I didn’t mind losing), but this sweetheart stayed with me for all 18:

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We played at Eagle Landing Golf Club with my coworkers. We had 12 players, so we had 3 teams. Our team played really well and we had a freaking blast!! At first I didn’t want to play best ball, but I didn’t realize that sometimes the best ball might just be the one I hit. I can’t drive the ball 300 yards or anything, but I can hit the ball pretty straight. Sometimes I used the ladies’ tee if the guys didn’t get a good shot. You can see below that it was a pretty tough course:

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It was a gorgeous day and Eagle Landing was beautiful. With all of the hills, it was a real challenge. Our cart had a GPS, which was AWESOME! It showed the layout and told us how many yards to the pin. I’m so spoiled now!

Near the 10th hole
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Our team captain, Glenn, had this awesome cooler that looked like a golf club! We are sooooooooooooooo getting one!!!!
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  1. Corinna Hoffman Photography says:

    Oooh :) We need to play a round of golf next time! Both my hubby and I play.. but gosh, been sooo super busy this year that we haven’t hit the greens yet so far :(

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