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June 16, 2008

It has been such a long day! I started at 4am in Jacksonville, got to Michigan around 10:30am, and just got back to our hotel around 8:15pm. I took a nice cold shower… not because I wanted to, but because after letting the water run FOREVER it never got hot and I am too exhausted to try changing rooms right now. I got to bed last night around midnight after cleaning the house, doing laundry, and getting packed. I still have to do some homework tonight for tomorrow’s class, but I wanted to take a second to write a blog. I am NOT at all happy about the cold shower, but I think I used all of my favors from God today between getting to the airport on time, praying for safe flights, and praying to make it to my hotel in time to catch the van to our class. So I wasn’t about to ask for one more thing. :) But God, couldn’t ya have at least kept it slightly under luke warm instead of making it suddenly turn FREEZING cold when I was trying to rinse my hair??? :p

The weather up here is fabulous, though. I definitely can’t complain about that. It feels like late September in Pittsburgh. This evening it was chilly enough to need a sweater, but it was such a relief from the brutal Florida heat. Michigan (at least this area) is surprisingly pretty and the people are friendly. Our class facilitators are great. They are entertaining and informative and challenge us without making us feel intimidated. I know a few people in the class from previous classes and we spent a lot of time today getting to know one another, so we are all pretty well-acquainted. It should be a great week as long as I make up for the lack of sleep!

Time to do my homework so I can go to bed! My alarm is set for 6am!

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