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Happy Birthday Carl!

June 29, 2008

It should be easy for me to remember birthdays. Most of my friends and family have had birthdays in the past week. Last Saturday was my brother, Monday was my dad (and Stephanie, I later found out), Thursday was Matt, and today was Carl. Craziness!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do what we had planned for Matt’s birthday. We were going to go to North Georgia and stay in a cabin with the puppies, but we had to postpone. Instead, we celebrated with a quiet night at home and made dinner. Then we were going to go to a show last night, but it didn’t work out. We settled for dinner at a sushi place by our house that had a great dinner special. I’ll post more about that later.

Tonight we headed down to Orlando for Carl’s birthday dinner. Japanese for the 2nd night in a row, but this time we had the teppan grill dinner. This place was by far the best teppan style cooking I have had. Most places everything you order tastes the same… just that grill flavor. But this place was so mouth-watering! I think it was the fresh squeezed lemon. I don’t know, but it had so much more flavor than any other place I’ve been to. And of course, it’s always very entertaining and perfect for group events. Carl’s friends filled two grills. His mom flew in from NY and it was great seeing her. Unfortunately, we had to head back and let the puppies out, but it was well worth the drive to celebrate Carl’s birthday!

Here are some pics from dinner! We had such a great time!

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  1. Stephanie Owens says:

    Well, that is why I like Matt and Carl so much… Happy birthday to both (and your dad… I knew he was an ok sorta guy!) I am hoping to have a BBQ on Sat and if you guys come, we’ll have a cake- and if you say “please” I may even make that italian wedding cake I made for your birthday… yummy- really it is just a great excuse to make it! call me or email me this week.

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