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Botan, after numerous owners over the past year, is now Osaka. We went during the opening weekend about a month ago and it was okay. They had some creative menu options, but we weren’t happy with spending $90 on sushi. That did not include any kind of teppan or hibachi entree. So we hadn’t gone back until Matt told me they had a dinner special for the weekend… $25 all you can eat. We tried it out and it was definitely a good value. We’ll see what happens to Osaka. There were only 2 other customers while we had dinner. Really, our only complaint was how lifeless this beautiful little restaurant was. It’s time to do some mailers or flyers in the local neighborhoods!

Check out Osaka for yourself:
4076 Belfort Road (across from St. Luke’s hospital near the new Gate gas station next to the post office)

Click here for the Osaka website

A few pics I took with the pathetic camera on my phone! LOL!

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