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Even though we were going to a wedding in Rochester, Matt and I flew into Buffalo. We were able to use free flight credits from Air Tran for the trip. We took advantage of the opportunity to go to the Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo wing. And here I always thought that Buffalo wings were made out of buffalo. It turns out they are actually chicken (sorry, Jessica Simpson moment).

Matt trying another Buffalo staple, a “Beef on Weck” sandwich. Delicious, but we still don’t know exactly where the got the name “weck” for the type of bread. UPDATE: see conclusion of blog for more info about the history of Beef on Weck

The original Buffalo wing… yummy!!!

We also took the opportunity to head over to Niagara Falls, marking my first time ever in Canada! We didn’t have time to go on a boat tour or anything, but we did walk around and enjoy the falls. The air was misty and filled with the scent of water (yes, water has a scent!!!). I loved it. I actually don’t think the falls were as impressive as I imagined, but had I gone below and looked up I’m sure that opinion would change. One opinion that I don’t think will change is that the American Falls are nicer than the Horseshoe Falls. I’m sure no one agrees with me and I got funny looks when I said that, but when we were there the Horseshoe Falls had too much mist for the falls to be visible. I like all the beautiful rocks at the American Falls and the Bridal Veil waterfall was really pretty.

You know I had to look it up. Thanks Wiki!!!!

“A kummelweck, or sometimes kimmelweck or even kümmelweck, is a salty roll that is popular in Western New York. It is similar to a Kaiser roll, but topped with pretzel salt and caraway seeds. Kummelweck is commonly shortened to “weck,” and often served in the Buffalo metropolitan area with roast beef and horseradish to form a sandwich known colloquially as “beef on weck.” Along with wings and the so-called garbage plate, beef on weck is one of the three most distinct dishes of the region.”

And another interesting thing which tells more about Beef on Weck and another unsolved mystery nagging at me for some time… the name of BW3!!!!!

“The American restaurant franchise Buffalo Wild Wings is formerly known as BW3, and this fact raises the question as to the meaning of the third ‘W’ in the former name. The abbreviation came from the original full name of the restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck. The chain no longer serves beef on weck outside of Western New York and no longer uses the original name but does still use the extra “W” in its abbreviation.”

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