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Rockin’ in Rochester

July 26, 2008

While we were in the area, we met up with a buddy of mine that I met at WMU. He works at one of our accounts in Rochester. I knew Daren was a hilarious guy from our Western Mich class, but I had no idea. I swear to you he had me had me laughing so damn hard I thought I wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore. He brought several of his coworkers out (wish my account had “happy hours” like theirs) and we had so much fun. There’s a great little section of downtown Rochester that has a bunch of bars all over. We started at a very chill little bar and sat at a table by a window (apparently it offers a great view of people fighting, falling, and getting arrested). It provided us some entertainment while we were there, too. Good times…

We ended up at this place called Daisy Dukes. I’ll let you guess what kind of bar it was. Haha! I can’t really show too many of the pictures because everyone looks much drunker than they actually were, but here are a few of the tame pics I can share:

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