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St. Augustine Lighthouse

October 30, 2008

Matt and I went down to the lighthouse in St. Augustine about a month or so ago, but I never got around to doing anything with the photos. You might remember my little spider that I posted on the Sept. 25th blog entry, which was from the lighthouse. He was such a creepy little cutie!

Well, in anticipation of my trip to Charleston this weekend (and my planned visit to one of its nearby lighthouses) I thought I would finally post up a couple images from the St. Augustine one. It was actually my first time in a lighthouse, which was really exciting. I enthusiastically climbed all of the steps to the top (and regretted it the next day). But it was fun. I wish we had the beautiful lighthouses you find in New England, but I’ll visit those in time!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! : )

Battle for the Onesie!

October 28, 2008

I love how photography has introduced me to so many awesome people! Stephanie and Terry, who just returned from their amazing honeymoon, met up with us to watch some football on Sunday. But on this particular Sunday, the stakes were higher than just bragging rights! Stephanie, the Giants fan, and Terry, the Steelers fan, are both parents-to-be. So when the two teams met up on Sunday evening, Stephanie and Terry made the ultimate bet — the winner would be the baby’s team!

We all know how the story ends. There’s one more Giants fan coming into the world, and one that was so close to wearing black and gold. It was a good game and so much fun to watch Stephanie and Terry put it all on the line in the battle for the onesie! Congrats Stephanie!

2008 Jacksonville Air Show

October 27, 2008

Matt and I went to the Air Show on Saturday at NAS Jax (where my bebe works). The weather was wet and chilly, but it was still a good time. Unfortunately, the clouds were so low that we didn’t get the full show, but today turned out to be perfect weather. Go figure! We were so tempted to head back out there, but we didn’t want to miss kickoff for the Steelers/Giants game. Hmmm… maybe we should have just gone to the Air Show after all! I’ll save that blog for tomorrow. LOL!

Anyway, despite the dreary weather we still had a great time. We ran into a bunch of Matt’s coworkers and Matt was able to take me into some of the hangers as part of an employee Open House they scheduled to coincide with the show. It was pretty neat to see areas of the base that I wouldn’t otherwise get to go in to. Sorry, no pics as those are prohibited.

The Blue Angels are never anything short of amazing. Their precision is just incredible! I already can’t wait for next year!! I still have never seen the show at the beach.

I feel the need…

October 23, 2008

…the need for speed!

I am so excited about the Air Show this weekend! I’m really pumped up after meeting up with Matt for lunch and seeing all the planes out practicing. He just told me when he got back on base the Blue Angels flew over him in formation. Grrrr! He has such a cool job!

Last night I posted up a few pics from the Air Show two years ago on my website under the new “Patriotic” gallery (formerly called “America” on the old website). I can’t wait to add some more this year. : )

I’m also looking forward to Date Night with Matt tomorrow. We are going to see “The Express” after I had to cancel our date two weeks ago. Sorry honey!

Sadly, it already feels like Friday, but I have one more day of work to go before all the fun begins!

The Big Announcement!

October 22, 2008

So… many of you are wondering what secret I have been hiding. I’ve loved reading your guesses, but I didn’t want to tell everyone because it wouldn’t be as fun to blog about! I think some people already know and for those who don’t… well, you may be disappointed.

No, I am not pregnant! So sorry to disappoint. : ( I don’t know why that is the first thing on everyone’s mind. I was sick last week and people thought I was pregnant. I have exciting news and people think I’m pregnant! Hahaha. You all are so funny. I love ya! : )

The exciting news is that… drum roll… Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography is now officially an LLC! The company’s effective date is actually October 12th, but I just received the official word yesterday…

To go along with my new company name, I’ve changed the look of my website:

2009 is going to be a very exciting year! I’m looking forward to being finished with school (finally) so I can focus on my business and go back to choir practice! I haven’t developed clear goals and objectives for my company because, honestly, I am way ahead of schedule! I had planned on becoming an official entity next year, but… things happen. I am very excited and look forward to what is in store! : )

Photographing Chef Cilla

October 22, 2008

It’s not every day that I get a request to do business portraits, so when I was contacted by Chef Cilla of Traveling Treats to help her update her photo on the “About” part of her website I had to be honest with her. I told her it was not my stronger area of photography, but I would give it a shot! Talking on the phone with her you can tell she is outgoing and hospitable. A review of her website ( and her menu shows that she is a southern gal with a flair for “Southern Fusion” cuisine. With so much personality (and beauty, to boot) I just couldn’t picture Cilla in a bland, corporate portrait setting. There had to be COLOR!

I told Cilla in the beginning about how the initial shots are always so awkward and usually the last shots are the ones where the personality of the subject shine through. Such was the case with Cilla. The shot she decided on was one of our last shots, and it happened to be my favorite of the bunch, too!

Below is a view of her website. Make sure you stop by Traveling Treats at to learn more about Chef Cilla’s catering services (including her Sweet Treats 2 Go… yum!!).

I am so excited to tell you about this amazing couple! From the day I met Stephanie I felt such a connection with her. She is such a genuine person and had me in tears as we got to know each other on a rainy day at a Mandarin Starbucks. While I didn’t meet her hubby Terry until this past Saturday at their wedding I knew from the look in Stephanie’s eyes that he was a very special guy. And Terry and I share a very strong, inherent bond… we are both Steeler fans! So naturally he’s a keeper!

I was talking to someone (can’t remember who now) about how I excited I was to shoot this wedding. I told them that I felt so strongly that God brought this couple into my life for a reason. Well, the funniest thing is that I learned at their reception through talking to their Pastor that they go to the same church that I do! How wonderful is that?! For anyone who doesn’t go to Celebration it is a HUGE church with several campuses, so we don’t know everyone. When I learned that I just got tears in my eyes (AGAIN… Stephanie seems to have a way of doing that to me).

The most wonderful part of this story is that Stephanie and Terry are expecting! What an immense joy that news was! So many blessings are upon this couple as they start their life together. They had a gorgeous sunset wedding (challenging from a photography standpoint, but such a beautiful setting) and they are on their honeymoon now. I can’t wait until they return. Maybe Matt and I will join them at their church campus to give them the photos!

Here are a few photos to enjoy until I can edit them all. Stephanie and Terry, I wish you both a lifetime full of the same joy you felt on this very special day!

Thanks to Stephanie’s Dad for suggesting the shot above!

Below, I had to add a pic of the centerpieces. How cute is that?! There’s more to the centerpiece (you’ll just have to wait and see!) but I thought I’d give you a peak. This little fella LOVES the camera!

Shawn and Suji had such a beautiful wedding! You never know what to expect when you meet someone for the first time, but they were so warm and friendly that any nervousness I may have had went away quickly. All of the wedding guests were fabulous, too. I had entirely too much fun spending an evening with all of them.

I’m still so in awe of Shawn’s beautiful ornamentation and henna work. She reminded me of a princess because her jewelry and henna were so ornate. Here are a few pictures so you can see what I mean:

Bittersweet Homecoming

October 9, 2008

Tomorrow, Army PFC Tavarus D. Setzler will return home to Jacksonville.

I’ve stared at that sentence for about 20 minutes now. I wish I could tell you he was coming home to his fiancee that he planned to marry next month, or to hug his family, or to go hang out with his friends this weekend and be reminded of a life worth living and fighting for. I wish I could tell you that, but I can’t.

I can’t tell you because this brave young man is coming home for the last time. He was killed by a roadside bomb last week in Iraq. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends right now. I pray that God give them strength and that they find comfort in one another and in the memory of a loved one who paid the ultimate price for the freedom of others.

To Tavarus, thank you for your honorable service and your sacrifice. I have faith that you have been received into God’s loving embrace and that your heart is finally at peace.

Steelers vs. Jaguars

October 6, 2008

That was probably the best game I have ever seen live! Up until the end everyone was on their toes, and Matt and I sat right in the end zone where all the hardcore Jags fans have season tickets. The people we sat near were really nice and we had fun joking with them all night.

Before the game a lot of us met up to tailgate:

I realized I didn’t get a picture with Cindy, our Boss from Mississippi, the day before at the rally, so I grabbed her for a quick one at the tailgate:

I had to stand in line to get a pic with Boss Hertzog and Boss Kennedy. Everyone loved their suits and wanted a pic. Too funny. Even Jags fans wanted a pic with them. : )

Right across the street a bunch of people I work with were tailgating. This is a pic of me and Nicole showing that Steelers fans and Jags fans can get along:

After we went inside I ran into my coworker Justin and his wife at the Bud Zone:

As you can see, I didn’t hold the camera much of the night. In fact, during the game I was waving my Terrible Towel while Matt controlled the camera. He caught this pic of the first Steelers TD of the night right (made by Heath Miller) in our end zone:

And finally, after our victory over Jacksonville, Matt and I got someone to take a pic of us (first one all weekend):

Not a very good pic, I know, but I made the mistake of assuming because the people had two Nikon DSLRs that they knew how to take good pictures. Oops!

Matt and I both pretty much lost our voices today and we were so sore from two days of walking and standing around. In fact, I had the day off and slept in until 2pm! It was well worth it, though. : )