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Steelers vs. Jaguars

October 6, 2008

That was probably the best game I have ever seen live! Up until the end everyone was on their toes, and Matt and I sat right in the end zone where all the hardcore Jags fans have season tickets. The people we sat near were really nice and we had fun joking with them all night.

Before the game a lot of us met up to tailgate:

I realized I didn’t get a picture with Cindy, our Boss from Mississippi, the day before at the rally, so I grabbed her for a quick one at the tailgate:

I had to stand in line to get a pic with Boss Hertzog and Boss Kennedy. Everyone loved their suits and wanted a pic. Too funny. Even Jags fans wanted a pic with them. : )

Right across the street a bunch of people I work with were tailgating. This is a pic of me and Nicole showing that Steelers fans and Jags fans can get along:

After we went inside I ran into my coworker Justin and his wife at the Bud Zone:

As you can see, I didn’t hold the camera much of the night. In fact, during the game I was waving my Terrible Towel while Matt controlled the camera. He caught this pic of the first Steelers TD of the night right (made by Heath Miller) in our end zone:

And finally, after our victory over Jacksonville, Matt and I got someone to take a pic of us (first one all weekend):

Not a very good pic, I know, but I made the mistake of assuming because the people had two Nikon DSLRs that they knew how to take good pictures. Oops!

Matt and I both pretty much lost our voices today and we were so sore from two days of walking and standing around. In fact, I had the day off and slept in until 2pm! It was well worth it, though. : )

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    NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography says:

    There is plenty more room in our fan base for you, too! Come on over! : )

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