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I am so excited to tell you about this amazing couple! From the day I met Stephanie I felt such a connection with her. She is such a genuine person and had me in tears as we got to know each other on a rainy day at a Mandarin Starbucks. While I didn’t meet her hubby Terry until this past Saturday at their wedding I knew from the look in Stephanie’s eyes that he was a very special guy. And Terry and I share a very strong, inherent bond… we are both Steeler fans! So naturally he’s a keeper!

I was talking to someone (can’t remember who now) about how I excited I was to shoot this wedding. I told them that I felt so strongly that God brought this couple into my life for a reason. Well, the funniest thing is that I learned at their reception through talking to their Pastor that they go to the same church that I do! How wonderful is that?! For anyone who doesn’t go to Celebration it is a HUGE church with several campuses, so we don’t know everyone. When I learned that I just got tears in my eyes (AGAIN… Stephanie seems to have a way of doing that to me).

The most wonderful part of this story is that Stephanie and Terry are expecting! What an immense joy that news was! So many blessings are upon this couple as they start their life together. They had a gorgeous sunset wedding (challenging from a photography standpoint, but such a beautiful setting) and they are on their honeymoon now. I can’t wait until they return. Maybe Matt and I will join them at their church campus to give them the photos!

Here are a few photos to enjoy until I can edit them all. Stephanie and Terry, I wish you both a lifetime full of the same joy you felt on this very special day!

Thanks to Stephanie’s Dad for suggesting the shot above!

Below, I had to add a pic of the centerpieces. How cute is that?! There’s more to the centerpiece (you’ll just have to wait and see!) but I thought I’d give you a peak. This little fella LOVES the camera!

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  1. Corinna Hoffman Photography says:

    Gwen, these are awesome shots!! I love your attention to details, details, details :)

  2. Matt says:

    Stephanie and Terry are such a cute couple. They were really fun to work with.

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