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St. Augustine Lighthouse

October 30, 2008

Matt and I went down to the lighthouse in St. Augustine about a month or so ago, but I never got around to doing anything with the photos. You might remember my little spider that I posted on the Sept. 25th blog entry, which was from the lighthouse. He was such a creepy little cutie!

Well, in anticipation of my trip to Charleston this weekend (and my planned visit to one of its nearby lighthouses) I thought I would finally post up a couple images from the St. Augustine one. It was actually my first time in a lighthouse, which was really exciting. I enthusiastically climbed all of the steps to the top (and regretted it the next day). But it was fun. I wish we had the beautiful lighthouses you find in New England, but I’ll visit those in time!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! : )

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