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So I traveled North in hopes of a White Christmas, but it looks like we brought sunny, warm Florida with us! We are in Pittsburgh now and it’s a gorgeous day. This weekend is going to have a high of 66! My mom assured me I was wrong until I showed her the weather forecast. The outlook for New York and Connecticut are also very fair with highs in the 50s. I’ve been blessed with many white Christmases, but it looks like this year we are just going to be blessed with safe roads for our travels!

We are at my mom’s house waiting for the madness to begin. We are expecting a house full of guests as usual, so it will be fun. I am just taking advantage of the quiet time right now to send out Christmas blessings to all of my friends!

And a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two special people in my life… Jesus and my Mom! It’s a day of celebration because without either of those birthdays I would not be here today. : ) Love you, Mom!

Before we left Florida we took “the kids” out for a picture with Santa. More holiday photos to come!

One Response to “Merry Christmas from the Sunny North!”

  1. mom says:

    Ahhh, we’re both glad someone remembered our birthdays, lol. Crazy weather for sure, can’t remember this ever happening.

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