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Last weekend Matt & I headed out of town to shoot Shannon & Todd’s wedding near Pittsburgh. They held their wedding at Mannitto Golf Club in New Alexandria (which is not far from Latrobe). As we headed out to Mannitto, the skies were gray and gloomy and it looked like it would almost certainly rain the entire evening. We continued to hope for the best. It rained on our wedding day and we certainly didn’t want that to happen to Shannon & Todd! Also, this was our first Pittsburgh wedding and Mannitto Golf Club is such a stunning location for a wedding, so it just *couldn’t* rain!

Clearly, God had other plans for this sweet couple! Just before the ceremony the sun came shining through and the skies were blue with fluffy white clouds. You couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather! Not only that but as everyone enjoyed the reception outside underneath Mannitto’s pavilion there were ooh’s and ahh’s over the beautiful rainbow that formed beyond the clubhouse. It was such a glorious day for a wedding, including a sunset with some of the boldest colors I have ever seen before!

All of the colors were just insane, from the golden tones during the formal photos to the dramatic storm clouds to the sunset to Mannitto’s beautifully landscaped grounds… INSANE! It was one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever seen and Shannon & Todd were so deserving of having everything turn out the way it did.

I can continue to try to describe how beautiful it was but I think everyone would rather see the photos! Congratulations to the happy newlyweds, Shannon & Todd! Your wedding was truly beautiful and your friends and family were such a joy to be around! We wish you both much happiness together! : )

Shannon being escorted by her father at her wedding at Mannitto Golf Club

Wedding processional with the Mannitto Golf Clubhouse in the background

Flower girls at Shannon & Todd's wedding at Mannitto Golf Club in New Alexandria, PA

Flower girl and ring bearer Shannon & Todd's wedding at Mannitto Golf Club in New Alexandria, PA

Shannon and Todd share their vows at Mannitto Golf Club

The bride and groom after the wedding at Mannitto

The bride and groom after the wedding at Mannitto

The bride and bridesmaids after the wedding at Mannitto Golf Club

The bride, groom and groomsmen Mannitto Golf Club wedding

The bride and groom at the lake Mannitto

Shannon & Todd's wedding at Mannitto

We just LOVED the clubhouse at Mannitto! It looked like a red barn and was so gorgeous for photos!

wedding at Mannitto Golf Club

Shannon & Todd wedding

Shannon & Todd wedding

rainbow over the clubhouse at Mannitto Golf Course

wedding reception at Mannitto Golf Course pavilion

wedding reception at Mannitto Golf Course clubhouse

Monday’s photo session was actually a double header! In addition to Christopher’s pics we also shot Kaitlyn’s senior photos. I refer to Kaitlyn as my cousin, but she is actually my cousin’s daughter. It’s so hard to believe how grown up she is! She looks so much like her mom. And not only is she gorgeous, she’s also so unselfish and hard-working!

Kaitlyn, we wish you the best for your senior year! We’re all so proud of you! : )

On our last day in Pittsburgh, Matt & I took my “little” brother Chris out for a portrait session. I say “little” because at 2 months shy of 18 he towers over me like he’s the older sibling. It’s so hard to believe he’s all grown up! Man, I REALLY wish I could find that cute little baby pic of him dressed up like Santa so I could embarrass him right now!

Well, he has come a long way since that cute little baby photo. He’s now trying to finish up the last of his homeschool program so he can start thinking about the next step in his life.

My mom is gonna be so excited when she sees these! My brothers joke around that all the pictures in the house are of me and she only puts other people’s pics up when they come to visit. Now she’ll have plenty of new photos of Chris to put around the house! Guess I’ll need to do a portrait session with my brother Kenny the next time I see him! : )

Vegan Bride

July 21, 2009

Before our trip to California I started talking to the beautiful Candida, a bride-to-be and owner of Earth Cafe. After her father refused to help pay for her wedding if she insisted on only serving a vegan menu, Candida and her fiance decided to boldly stick to their values and find a way to have their dream wedding on their own!

In the process of planning her own wedding, Candida decided to share her journey of planning a vegan wedding with other vegan brides. And thus, the Vegan Bride website was born! The rest of the website is still a work in progress as she researches information and resources but the blog part of the website is LIVE! I’m so thrilled for the potential of this website and the support and information it will provide other vegans who are planning their dream wedding and dealing with the same frustrations that Candida is facing! If you are a wedding vendor or know someone who is vegan and planning a wedding, please refer them to the Vegan Bride website!

Congrats, Candida, on putting this together and for your continued success with Earth Cafe! They just added 8 more locations across the country! Yay!

Matt and I are still in Pittsburgh but we couldn’t wait to share Shannon & Todd’s gorgeous wedding! Here’s a peek at what’s to come on the blog:

No place like home…

July 17, 2009

An hour to Georgia. About 2.5 hours in Georgia and then we’re in South Carolina. 3hours or so in SC and we hit NC. I consider Charlotte to roughly be the half way point. I get confused and always think “Are we in Virginia yet?” Usually that means we’re still in NC but less than an hour from Virginia. We’re only in Virginia for about an hour and I know I have to get gas because in West Virginia it’s going to be $0.30/gallon more. Also have to get some cash out of the ATM for the WV tolls (the only tolls on the whole drive). When we hit Morgantown, I know we’re only about an hour away from the place I call home!

That’s the drive to Pittsburgh. It’s such a piece of cake drive. Matt took the first shift while I tried to nap. He drove for a little over 5 hours and I took over the rest since I’m using to being up from midnight until the sun comes up. When we hit the Pennsvylvania border yesterday morning, the sky was slowly growing lighter. Soon I could see the beautiful hills and the farms with their big red, white or brown barns. So much of PA is just farm land and it’s so beautiful. I took in the moment alone. Matt was sleeping in the passenger sleep with both of the dogs laying on top of him. Cruising along passed the farms, the day was starting to come to life and I sighed knowing that it was only a little further until we reached home.

We arrived around 6:30am and my mom was getting up for work. I checked to see if we had bread from Mancini’s Bakery and sure enough, it was there! She asked the other day if I wanted her to pick up a loaf and I told her not to worry about it because we would go get some. It’s kinda tradition that when I come home the first thing I do is eat some Mancini’s bread! Ever since I was a little kid whenever we took a trip to Pittsburgh we always brought home loaves of Mancini’s. You can bet we will be bringing some home this time, too! : )

It’s going to be a busy trip, but I’m excited about being home! Promise to have pics soon!

CAUTION: May be too hot for your computer screen!

Saturday we met up with Beth for her Trash The Dress photo session, and I am just in awe of the shots that Matt & I got! That may sound really arrogant, but we really can’t take much credit for how these turned out because Beth just freaking ROCKED this shoot!

She should feel natural posing for us by now. After all, this was her 4TH photo session with us! We joke that they are our most photographed couple. We just always have a great time hanging out with Beth & Mark. Here’s a look at all the sessions we’ve done with them:

Engagement Photos at the Jacksonville Zoo

Engagement Photos in Destin

Wedding Photos at the Jacksonville Zoo

It’s pretty hard to top their wedding at the zoo. What could possibly be better than carousels, giraffes, trains and a Japanese garden? Saturday answered that question!

After the big day is over a Trash The Dress session is a great way to get some creative, fun shots in your beautiful wedding dress! The great thing about a Trash The Dress photo session is that you don’t really have to “trash” your dress to get great images!

Okay, enough talk. The images speak for themselves. Beth, you totally amazed me on this shoot! After seeing these we might really have to come visit you after you move to Italy for shoot #5! I hope you love these shots as much as we do!

Mark has been around us enough that we thought it was time he took over the camera a bit. Every time he had an idea for a shot, we handed him a camera! Here he is getting a macro shot of the rings. He’s got a great eye! Maybe we should hire him! : )

Lisa & Seth are the types of people that you instantly like when you meet them for the first time. As soon as you see their warm smiles, you know you’re in the company of two people who are genuine, thoughtful, and caring. Plus they are just a gorgeous couple! Lisa is so pretty and petite and Seth is tall and handsome. Watching them together, it’s so clear how much they adore one another! They met in their first year at law school and this fall they will be married in a beautiful, intimate wedding at Amelia Island Plantation.

Last weekend, Lisa & Seth traveled down from DC to celebrate the 4th of July and their birthdays with family. After getting off our redeye flight from San Diego, we met up with them to shoot their engagement photos at Amelia Island Plantation. We were tired, but we had so much fun hanging out with Lisa & Seth that we soon forgot about sleep! The light was a challenge as it constantly changed from bright and sunny to cloudy and back to sunny again, but the colors were just incredible! We have been so anxious to share these but wanted to post all of our California pictures first so these wouldn’t be buried at the bottom!

Amelia Island Plantation is so pristine. The marshes were so peaceful and silent – such a drastic contrast to Jacksonville! Miles and miles of uninterrupted natural beauty and peacefulness. Their wedding at Walker’s Landing is going to be breathtaking!

Lisa & Seth, we’re so glad that we were able to meet up with you guys last weekend! We hope to see you again sometime before the big day! : )

We’ve been blogging like crazy about all of our fun travels in California (and Nevada!) but now it’s time to get back to weddings, engagements & portraits!

While we were in California, we met up with my friend Jess for some wine tasting at Galleano Winery. After sampling (and purchasing) some delicious wines, we went around the winery for a mini photo shoot! Jess is just gorgeous and so outgoing and totally rocked the whole shoot. She didn’t need much direction, which is perfect because we like people to show us their natural hotness!

I think Jess channeled her inner Sasha Fierce because we definitely sensed a bit of diva when she put those sunglasses on! At first she was all sweet and demure and then when she got comfortable… she brought on the SASS!!

I just love this girl! She’s beautiful, smart, athletic, AND she’s a true fan of the black & gold! Gotta love a Steelers girl! I don’t get to see her nearly enough since we live on opposite sides of the country, but I’m so glad we got to catch up last week!

Love ya, girl!

Point Loma

July 11, 2009

This is the last personal post of our pics from the California trip! Definitely can’t wait to get back out there again!

On our last day (July 4th) we went to shoot photos at Point Loma in San Diego. Point Loma overlooks the base and has a great view of all of San Diego (well, a hazy view on this day, but still good). It also has two beautiful lighthouses! I’m such a lighthouse nut and kinda have a collection going of lighthouse photographs that I haven’t posted in a collection… yet!

All but this last picture are of the lighthouse at the top of the point. We weren’t able to get access to the other lighthouse (located down below the cliffs) because it was too late. Also, it’s on Coast Guard property so we wouldn’t have been able to get too close anyway. Next time we’ll be sure to get over there earlier, though!