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If you close your eyes and picture the perfect fairytale wedding, what would it look like?

After Christina & Shane’s wedding, I think my vision of the perfect fairytale wedding would have to be a ceremony in a beautiful, ornate church with rich, red carpet and jewel-toned stained glass windows. The groom would be waiting anxiously and nervously at the altar as he and the crowd stand in anticipation of the bride. The doors would open and reveal the most beautiful bride anyone has seen, her long white gloves locked through the arms of her father as he escorts her to her beloved.

Sigh… wouldn’t that just be a dream wedding? Well, for Christina & Shane that dream came true on September 19th. They held their wedding at the Riverside Park United Methodist Church. Following the ceremony they were escorted by limo to their wedding reception at the Florida Yacht Club. The reception was an elegant and entertaining celebration with music by The Faze Band. The band was sooooo awesome and kept everyone dancing the night away! Later in the evening, Christina took the mic and sang “All The Way” to her new husband, Shane! Her voice is every bit as lovely as she is!

So how do you end the perfect fairytale wedding? How about a grand exit through a shower of fireworks to a gorgeous yacht appropriately named “Blessed” that takes you away toward the lights of beautiful downtown Jacksonville?! It was an amazing evening and we’ve been waiting for Christina & Shane to return from their honeymoon to share these photos! We must have looked at them a hundred times already and can’t wait to finish editing the rest!

Welcome back, Christina & Shane! We hope you had a lovely time on your honeymoon!! Congratulations! : )

Christina sings "All The Way" to Shane

6 Responses to “Christina & Shane | Wedding at Riverside Park United Methodist Church | Jacksonville Wedding Photographers”

  1. Beautiful! I love the red… so many gorgeous shots.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks Heidi! I love red, too! So classic and romantic!

  3. Yay!! You got to work with the Faze Band! They’re amazing :) And I love that B&W shot of them inside the limo :)

  4. Administrator says:

    Yes!! The Faze Band is incredible! We were so excited to find out this week that one of our May couples has also hired them!!

  5. A.g says:

    My beautiful niece, I am so thrilled to see you happy. God bless and watch over you all for the rest of your lives. Thank you for including us in this wonderful celebration. Love you much! xxoo, A.g & U.r

  6. Administrator says:

    Thank you for leaving such a sweet note, A.G.! We hope these photos bring back memories of this beautiful occasion for many years to come! : )

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