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We have even more images from Jamie & Bill’s wedding day! They had a beautiful destination wedding in Ponce Inlet that included a stop at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse for some fun photos!

Congratulations again to Jamie & Bill! We hope these photos will bring back warm memories on those cold Minnesota nights!

: ) Gwen & Matt

Over the weekend we met up with Christie & Michael to shoot their engagement photos in St. Augustine. They both love to travel but St. Augustine is one of their favorites destinations for a day trip. With all its historic charm, it’s the perfect place to spend the day (and a great spot for photos!).

Being a week before Halloween, the Oldest City was crawling with people who were probably there to do one of the popular ghost tours so we used some more obscure spots for the photo session. Since it was so cloudy out it got dark earlier than expected so played around with some off-camera lighting. The pics are actually some of my faves, especially the one of Michael playing his guitar for Christie! He actually wrote a song for her! How sweet is that?!

We had so much fun hanging out in St. Augustine, especially to shoot photos of such a gorgeous and sweet couple! We can’t wait until their wedding next spring!

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of shooting Jackie & Zac’s beautiful wedding at the Winterbourne on the St. Johns. They have requested to keep their wedding photos private, but we wanted to share a couple of details with you! Their wedding was definitely unique and fun with a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme. The wedding party wore Chuck Taylors and the day reflected Jackie & Zac’s awesome style!

Here are just a couple shots from their day:

The charming, historic Winterbourne on the St. Johns

The charming, historic Winterbourne on the St. Johns

Inside the Winterbourne. I loved the delicated yellow walls and the softness created by the mid day sun.

Inside the Winterbourne. The delicate yellow walls were so soft from the mid day sun's light!

Jackie & Zacs Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper made for an awesome rock shot!

Jackie & Zac's "Nightmare Before Christmas" cake topper made for an awesome rock shot!

Definitely one of the most unique weddings we have ever shot! It was beautiful and a bit alternative! LOVED it! Congrats to Jackie & Zac!! : )

We always feel so fortunate to have such fun, wonderful couples to work with. But every so often, a special couple comes along that you connect with on a different level. We feel that way about Seth & Lisa, even though we only were able to meet them a few times before their wedding.

When Seth and Lisa travelled down from their home in Washington, DC for their engagement photos at Amelia Island Plantation, we could see the spark between them. They are so playful and affectionate that we really didn’t have to do much posing with them. The way they were together, naturally, was exactly what we wanted to capture!

That special bond was even more evident during their wedding at Amelia Island Plantation, when Seth saw Lisa walking down the aisle, escorted by her parents, wearing delicate lace wedding dress. The ceremony at Walker’s Landing overlooked the marshes and was attended by an intimate group of friends and family from all over the country. One of the unique elements of their wedding was a lasso ceremony by Lisa’s parents. The lasso symbolizes that they are joined together forever in love.

The reception at Walker’s Landing was filled with beautiful light as the sun set over the marshes. A table at the back of the room displayed old family photos and included two sets of monkeys, one representing Seth and Lisa’s wedding and another representing Seth’s proposal to Lisa, a tradition that goes back to when his father proposed to his mother using a handmade sock monkey. A nearby candy station featured a selection of tasty treats for the guests to take home.

Thanks to the DJ from DeLand Entertainment, the party really kicked into high gear. Old college friends and new family came together to dance the night way, making it impossible to not get caught up in the celebration.

Seth and Lisa, you are truly a beautiful couple and we wish you nothing but the best as you start your new life together as husband and wife. Thank you for letting us share your special day with you!

: ) Gwen & Matt

The Lasso Ceremony

We’ve been posting a lot of slideshows lately, but we saved the best for last! Sheba & Nolan celebrated their wedding at the Garden Club of Jacksonville last month and it was such a unique event! You can check out the original post of their wedding photos here.

We put this slideshow together in a similar way to how we’d put together an album design (in fact some of the slides are from our album templates). We wanted to share more of their wedding story in the slideshow and hope you enjoy watching it!

Sheba & Nolan, we look forward to meeting up with you guys soon for your Trash The Dress session! : )

We love being able to fuse video with our still images in slideshows. Since we are primarily focused on getting “the shot” any video we get is strictly a bonus. However, Erin & Aaron’s wedding at Marineland was one that we HAD to incorporate some video clips to make their slideshow complete. How many brides get to have dolphins swimming past the room they get ready in? It was such a whimsical wedding and reflects the carefree and fun spirit of Erin & Aaron!

We hope this slideshow will bring back memories for years to come!! : )

With all the cool weather we’ve been having in Florida lately I thought it was time to heat things up with a slideshow from Maria & Peter’s hot Trash The Dress session in Key West! Still one of our favorite sessions EVER! Beauty, romance, and a gorgeous tropical location – ingredients for a spicy photo shoot! We were so thrilled to share these beautiful photos with the readers of Truly Engaging and are so happy to share even MORE photos from this session with this slideshow!

Maria & Peter, thanks again for letting us be part of this! It was so much fun!! : )

Kreativ Blogger Award

October 19, 2009

I’m taking a break from posting more slideshows and yummy wedding photos to recognize blogs of some of my favorite creative peeps that I enjoy reading. First, thank you Heidi for nominating me for Kreativ Blogger on your website! You are such a doll! Heidi always posts such delicious details and tips on her Truly Engaging blog. Make sure to go take a look!


Here’s how the Kreativ Blogger works:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.

5.Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated and in turn I have to let out 7 interesting and or embarrassing things about myself you might not know.
So, here are my 7 things…

1. I love to step on acorns. The crunch under my shoe fills me with such delight that only a truly “nutty” person could ever understand! : )

2. My favorite actor ever is Leslie Howard. I love him. Period. He’s wonderful, talented, gorgeous… and died long before I was ever born. Sigh… I guess we weren’t meant to be!

3. Life would be empty without music, wine, and laughter!

4. I’m not a vegetarian, but I aspire to be one.

5. I’m the real Bay Harbor Butcher. Okay, not exactly, but if you’re a fan of the show Dexter then you’ll get it. We’ve been pretty obsessed with that show lately.

6. When I edit photos I usually take a break for a karaoke concert. Only when Matt isn’t home, though. I always thought that life should be a musical. For every feeling and situation there’s a song that will fit the occasion.

7. I love my hubby and our 5 “kids.” We have 2 dogs and 3 cats, and I play favorites. One cat and one dog are definitely favored above the others and I’m okay with admitting that. They all know it and my “two favorite ones” as I like to call them are usually the ones that follow me around. And on a side note, when I was little I had 13 cats. I’m a bit of an animal person! LOL!

And now my 7 picks for Kreativ Blogger Nominations go to…

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We’ve been posting lots of slideshows lately! The slideshows are just a fun extra thing we like to include. I don’t think we’ve ever done a slideshow quite as fun as this one! Here’s a look at Britany’s senior portrait session in Pittsburgh. She totally brought her unique style to the shoot, so we had to make her a killer slideshow. I was nervous when I sent it to her, but she loved it and loved the song! I hope you all love it to. Get ready for a little attitude and a lot of fun!

Today, we want to take you back to Samantha & David’s beautiful destination wedding in the Outer Banks. We had such a wonderful time shooting their wedding in the Elizabethan Gardens. It’s a beautiful, romantic location and their wedding was filled with love and happy tears.

So to let the memory of that beautiful day live on, we are pleased to present their wedding slideshow: