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One of the highlights of this year’s PartnerCon was the addition of some shooting workshops with some of the top photographers in the country. I knew immediately that I HAD to be in the Sara France workshop because it was totally my cup of tea. At first, I ended up on the waiting list, but I remained hopeful that my name would come up on the final list. We were in St. Augustine on our way to an engagement session when I received the news that I got in, and you would have thought I won the lottery! I squealed and did a little happy dance right there in the passenger seat!

The photo shoot did NOT disappoint! First of all, Sara France was just really cool. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was really down to Earth. Second, the model (Dawn) was so gorgeous and really made everyone’s job so easy! She’s been modeling since she was a teen and made sure to give all 25 of us attention so we could get a shot!

We walked through the streets of New Orleans and Sara would stop when she saw a great location. She talked us through her thought process of using the light, background, what gear she would use and why, and how to talk to the model. It was a lot of fun and even though the shoot was supposed to be 2 hours Sara kept us out for an extra hour! I could barely walk by the end of it but it was so worth it! It was a great experience and the images are just killer! I can’t wait until next year’s PartnerCon, which is going to be in New Orleans again!!!! Yay!!

Thanks so much to Pictage for adding this amazing experience to the conference, to Sara France for leading this particular workshop, to the stylist and model for giving us an amazing visual to work with, and to the other photographers that I met in the group! I can’t wait to see everyone’s images! Here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. Matt says:

    FANTASTIC SHOTS BEBE!!! Seriously, I don’t know how to pick out a favorite. The 5th and 6th shots are great. Love the closeup of the mask. And the model’s eyes are soo expressive behind the mask. I love the reflection shot….who am I kidding, I love them all. Great, Great, Great job. I’m so jealous. Really hope I get to go with you next year!!!

  2. Administrator says:

    She was a great model to work with and I had soooo much fun! You have to go next year! Wish we could sign up right now! : )

  3. Christy Lynn says:

    Gwen, these are absolutely stunning! Wow, I just love all of them. I hope I can go to one of these seminars one day!

  4. Sara France says:

    Those are absolutely beautiful! I know Dawn is going to love them too!!! Great job! See you next year and I love the story of the happy dance! Makes me happy too!!!

  5. Administrator says:

    Christy Lynn, you HAVE to go next year! Seriously! Just mark it on your calendar now and plan to go!

    Sara, thank you SOOOOOO much for putting together this rockin’ shoot and for sharing your knowledge with us! For me, it was the highlight of Partner Con and I can’t wait for next year!! : )

  6. I’m sooo happy that you got in her workshop during the PartnerCon :) Lovely shots! :) Now, if I just get motivated and post the pictures from Jules Bianchi’s shooting workshop at PartnerCon as well :) Hehe!

  7. Administrator says:

    Aw, Corinna, you should post them! They were great images!! All you have to do is edit 20. It didn’t take me very long to do. The hardest part was choosing my faves!

  8. these are beautiful Gwen- I love the soft clean lines in all of these images. They are not overly saturated- composition looks wonderful- Great job! I am with Matt- hard to pick a fav!

  9. Love #12- The lights on the picture in the back ground look as though he is having a thought of her- you know the thought bubbles… Tre Cool!

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