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I don’t even know if Jasmine & Terrel’s wedding needs any introduction. If you were there, you already know it was absolutely gorgeous! And if you weren’t there, the photos speak for themselves!

Jasmine looked absolutely stunning with her Hollywood glamour style! Tons of sparkle, a birdcage veil, feathers in her hair… everyone was in awe of how beautiful she looked! The bridesmaids all wore long, elegant pink dresses and looked like real life Barbie dolls!

The guys definitely came out with their style, too! Terrel wore an all white tuxedo (yes, ladies, he is off the market now!). All of the groomsmen looked stylish in brown tuxedos with light pink vests. The girls all squealed when they saw how good they looked! Seeing the wedding attire, you knew it was going to be a very elegant evening!

The ceremony took place out on the grassy lawn behind the OakLeaf clubhouse. Rose petals lined the aisle toward the wedding arch with a beautiful fountain behind it. Jasmine made her grand entrance to Beyonce’s “Ave Maria” by walking across the 2nd floor terrace and down the stairs to where her father was waiting to escort her. It was the perfect setting for a wedding, and the ceremony was filled with words of wisdom, encouragement, and humor.

Expectations were already set high by such a perfect ceremony, and the reception did not disappoint! We got a peek at the room before everything began and it was incredible! The decor (along with all the wedding party florals) was designed by Alpha & Omega Event Consultants and it was some of their best work! Tall centerpieces with wispy branches and flowers, custom draping, and pink uplighting made it a photographer’s dream! The beautiful cake by 3 Sisters’ Chocolate also drew the attention of cameras. It was a visual and culinary work of art! We also have to mention the best man, Mike, who was so busy running around and making sure everything was in place. He was there at our first meeting with Jasmine & Terrel and was such a huge help to us on the wedding day! Thank you so much, Mike!

I could go on, but I know there is a happy couple of newlyweds who are very anxious to see their photos! Make sure to leave them some love in the comments section, and join us in congratulating them on their marriage!

A couple weeks ago, we met up with one of our 2011 couples, Tey & Mike, for some engagement photos at Jacksonville Beach. We started off at the lovely Casa Marina, which was the location of Tey & Mike’s second date! As we waited for the hot afternoon sun to set a little more, we went to the rooftop lounge for some drinks and conversation. We knew from our first meeting with them that they were very laid back and fun, and we had such a great time hanging out with them throughout the engagement session!

After a few photos around the beautiful exterior of Casa Marina, we headed down to the beach. Even though it was early Sunday evening, there will still hundreds and hundreds of people on the beach. Needless to say, a gorgeous couple like Tey & Mike caught a lot of attention. As people walked by we heard them whisper “Aw, they must be doing engagement photos!” But even though we could hear them, I don’t think Tey & Mike noticed. They weren’t shy at all, as if there was no one else around but them!

When the sun finally set, we went down to Atlantic Beach for a different vibe. It was more of a date night feel, with grainy black and white images along the gorgeous brick walls of the restaurants and bars that line the blocks of Atlantic Beach. We had so much fun spending a few hours with Tey & Mike and getting to know them better! Friday officially starts the 1 year countdown to their wedding day, and we can’t wait! It’s going to be GORGEOUS!

Earlier this month, we shot Chiquarya & Waymond’s wedding at the Embassy Suites in Jacksonville. Trying to catch up on all of our editing from the busy months of May and June, we took a break from blogging to focus on editing and album design. We’ve already released all of their wedding photos, but we wanted to post their slideshow with some highlights from the wedding day and congratulate them again on their marriage! : )

We’ve had the opportunity to get to know Becky & Matt quite a bit over the past year through Facebook and several visits to Pittsburgh. In fact, Matt lives in the same town that I went to high school! On our last trip before their wedding, we got to spend a few hours with them shooting engagement photos in downtown Pittsburgh!

As the days kept counting down to the big day, we got more and more excited to see them again! Becky and Matt held their wedding at St. Scholastica Catholic Church. Officiating the ceremony was Father Frank, who was the cousin of Becky’s mom. He infused some light humor into the ceremony, setting the tone for happiness throughout the rest of the day.

After the ceremony, Becky, Matt, and the wedding party climbed aboard one of Molly’s Trolleys for a ride around town for group shots and couple shots. Our first stop was Mt Washington, with its amazing view of downtown Pittsburgh. We also stopped for some wedding photos at Carnegie Mellon University with it’s beautiful column, which make for very classic photos.

Becky and Matt held their wedding reception at Longvue Country Club, a historic landmark recognized by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. Its beautiful stonework, a wide open patio area, an intimate sitting area for the cocktail hour, and gorgeous and expansive main reception hall made it a perfect setting for an intimate evening!

Guests were entertained throughout the evening with live music by the John Parker Band. The dance floor was never empty and Becky and Matt were always in the middle of the action. But it was Matt’s serenading of Becky with “Take Me Home Tonight”, which he is apparently infamous for singing karaoke-style, that stole the show. It helped take the celebration to a whole-new level and will probably be one of the more enduring images of the reception. It was definitely one of our favorite reception moments EVER! You rock, Matt!

Such a beautiful occasion to celebrate a truly wonderful couple! Through what we’ve seen of them firsthand and the testimony through friends and family giving toasts at the reception, we know that we were really lucky to be part of such a special day! And now we have two more friends in the Pittsburgh area to visit when we go up there!

Much love and happiness to you both! : )




























Let’s Go Red Sox!

June 12, 2010

We had a great time over Memorial Day in New England! The weather was perfect and we had so much shooting in the Northeast:

Wedding at First Baptist Church of Agawam, MA

Wedding at Savin Rock Center in West Haven, CT

Melissa & Alex’s Engagement Photos in Downtown Boston

But we also had fun seeing the Red Sox beat the Kansas City Royals at Fenway! We’ve been talking about going to a game at Fenway since I first met Matt. He is a huge Red Sox fan (probably more than any other team in any sport) and he has always told me how incredible Fenway is. We’ve seen the Red Sox play in Tampa and also gone to PNC Park to watch the Pirates, but this was our first time going to watch Matt’s team play at home. I have to say Fenway is a really awesome place. You walk in and it’s like being transcended back in time. I don’t know how it’s possible to feel nostalgic over a place you’ve never been before, but that was the feeling I had as I walked through the corridors along the vendors, smelling the old ball park air filled with hot sausages and grilled onions.

We definitely plan to go back again the next time we’re up that way! It was so much fun, and I even got so giddy as the crowd did the wave and kept it going for several rounds! I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that successfully got the wave going like that! Yeah, I was so geeked over that!

Here are a few pics we snapped at Fenway:

Red Sox

Red Sox 2

Red Sox 3

To tell you about Melissa & Alex, we first have to rewind to last September to Sheba & Nolan’s wedding at the Garden Club of Jacksonville. It was that evening that we first met Melissa & Alex, who were excited to be celebrating the marriage of their dear friends and also thinking about their own wedding day! Alex came up to us at the wedding and said that he was engaged and asked if we travel. Do we?!?! Heck yes, we LOVE to travel! So then he told us they live in the Boston area but were planning a Florida destination wedding. Now, I won’t spoil the surprise but I will tell you that you HAVE to come back and check the blog at the end of July to see the amazing wedding they have planned! It’s going to be off the charts incredible! I went down to Tampa to meet up with them during one of their meetings at the venue and… wow! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend. We were in New England to shoot two weddings and had plans to meet up with Melissa & Alex for some engagement photos in downtown Boston. We spent the morning at Fenway watching the Red Sox beat the Royals (more on that later this week) and then we met up with them at one of Boston’s most beautiful locations, the Public Garden. It was a gorgeous day and there were a lot of people there, but it’s such a huge park that we were able to find plenty of places that were quiet. From the very beginning, Melissa & Alex were so relaxed and were cute and flirty one minute and then sassy and sexy the next. All we had to do was click the shutter. They put a lot of thought into their session, and it turned out to be one of our favorite e-sessions ever!

After some engagement photos at the Public Garden, Melissa & Alex changed for a night on the town! I think my jaw dropped when we first saw them, because they looked amazing! I mean, seriously, just look at the photos. They are such a gorgeous couple!

They really wanted to do a shot in front of the subway, which was too fun! After a short ride on the train, we stopped for more engagement photos at Quincy Market. There were some fun street lamps that we just HAD to use! We came back to Quincy Market later for drinks and a couple of fun, grainy photos at Anthem Kitchen & Bar.

When Melissa & Alex were planning their engagement session, they asked around for locations and everyone said “You have to do engagement photos at Long Wharf.” We walked over there just as the sun was setting and casting hues of pink and purple on the tall buildings nearby. Facing East, we got the brilliant blue sky that we love to shoot so much! It was a gorgeous, romantic setting down at the wharf, and a great way to end the engagement session!

We are so glad we had a chance to meet up with Melissa & Alex before their wedding day! They are so much fun and now we’re so anxious for their wedding day to get here!!! We hope you guys had as much fun as we did, and we look forward to seeing you again next month for the big day! : )

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos at the Public Garden

Downtown Boston engagement photos

Downtown Boston engagement photos at Quincy Market

Downtown Boston engagement photos at Long Wharf

Downtown Boston engagement photos at Long Wharf

Downtown Boston engagement photos at Long Wharf

Downtown Boston engagement photos at Quincy Market

Downtown Boston engagement photos at Quincy Market

Downtown Boston engagement photos at Quincy Market

We’re not even sure where to begin to tell you about Lisa & Bryan. We never had a chance to meet them prior to the wedding day so all we knew what was through emails and Facebook. We knew that they were a very artistic, attractive, and very rock n’ roll bride and groom, but we didn’t realize just how incredible of a couple we were about to meet. What makes Lisa and Bryan truly inspiring as a couple is the unspoken bond that is apparent when you look at them. Whenever they look at each other, they don’t have to say a word, yet you can tell that something special has passed between them. They have a very deep and profound connection.

Lisa & Bryan held their wedding at the Savin Rock Conference Center in West Haven, CT. The ceremony took place outside with a breathtaking view of the Long Island Sound. With Lisa’s best friend officiating, it was a very intimate and close wedding shared by them and their closest friends and family. At the beginning of the ceremony, they released balloons to honor the memory of Lisa’s mother and Bryan’s stepfather. It was a beautiful moment and the tears were flowing as everyone looked to the sky. Lisa also honored her mother by wearing a beautiful necklace custom designed by Nikki Cummings Jewelry that included a vial with pixie dust, angel wings, stars, and a lock of her moms hair. Just beautiful!

After the ceremony, we spent some time with the wedding party for some fun and sassy group shots. And with the colors of a beautiful sunset washing over them, Lisa and Bryan showed us how sexy a couple they are, with Lisa in her flowing dress and red sandals and Bryan in his GQ-esque grey tuxedo. Matt thinks the photo below of Bryan looking at Lisa standing behind him on the rocks looks like a James Bond poster. Smokin’ hot!

Dinner was a buffet of delicious Italian entrees catered by Mancinelli & Sons. The rest of the evening was an amazing party full of laughs and tears. Lisa’s MOH honored Bryan and Lisa with Etta Jame’s “At Last” while they had their first dance as husband and wife. Later on, Lisa and her father shared an emotional dance. The most endearing image of the evening for Matt was a private walk that Lisa and Bryan shared together towards the end of the night.

Lisa & Bryan, we can’t thank you enough for inviting us into your lives and letting us share an incredibly beautiful day with you and your guests! We are honored and touched and wish you nothing but the best! : )

The most awesome cake topper we have EVER seen!!!

When we first met Carmen & Kyle last November, our first impression was that they were very stylish and gorgeous! They had just come from church, so they were dressed in their Sunday best! But what we didn’t know that day was that we were meeting two of the kindest, most loving people you could ever know! Throughout the wedding day, it was so obvious how much love and support they have from their families and friends. As the girls helped Carmen get ready, there was tons of laughter in the room. They made sure that there were no “wardrobe malfunctions” and made sure that everything made it to the church!

Carmen and Kyle held their wedding at the First Baptist Church of Agawam, a charming, beautiful church that is over 200 years old! They had an intimate ceremony by candlelight with lots of singing, including a tearful song sung by Carmen to her new husband.

After photos at the church, everyone headed to the next part of the wedding at the Springfield Marriott. Before the introductions, we spent some time with the wedding party doing photos on the incredible rooftop garden. Inside, the reception room was illuminated by purple uplights. The details were so gorgeous and vibrant (and you KNOW how we love bold colors!). As Carmen and Kyle entered the room, their wedding guests surrounded the dance floor and watched a slideshow of photos documenting their lives until this moment. They shared their first dance in the middle of their closest friends and family in a perfect moment!

The rest of the evening was filled with dancing and singing, with entertainment provided by Brian Nicks Productions (who also set up the gorgeous uplighting in the room). One of my favorite moments of the reception – okay, THE favorite moment – was when all the groomsmen started dancing to “Apache” (you know – “Tonto, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it.” I got so excited as soon as I heard the first couple beats because I knew what was going down. What a priceless moment! You can see them dancing in the last image below. And if you don’t know the dance, you can check it out here on YouTube.

Such a great wedding, and we are so happy for Carmen and Kyle! You guys are great, and we know that you will have a very happy marriage! Congratulations!! : )

by Matt Tundermann

A lot of things go into how a couple is defined. It’s the way they look at each other, little gestures between each other, their friends and family, and their style. For Maricel and EJ, they have a young, hip, urban style that not only makes them one of the hottest couples I’ve ever seen, but one of the most stylish and unique.

I wasn’t able to meet Maricel and EJ until their rehearsal dinner in Chino Hills, CA. Gwen had been fortunate enough to meet them at Jenny & Miguel’s wedding celebration last October and then again for an amazing engagement session in Las Vegas, NV in March. From those images alone, I knew Maricel and EJ not only had a unique style, but energy between them that was going to be fun to capture.

Maricel and EJ have a love of sports, activity, and being social. Their urban style is brought out in their love of shoes, especially Nike Air Jordans, which EJ got as a wedding present and was extremely excited about. I met up with him and his guys at the Double Tree hotel in Anaheim to take some getting ready shots. The plan was for the guys to play a little basketball after the wedding ceremony, and the guys were primed, each guy having their own monogrammed bags and new sneakers, all gifts from Mars and EJ. There was an especially sweet moment when one of EJ’s best men ushered the guys out of the room so EJ could have a quiet moment to read Mars’ note to him. I could tell that EJ was trying to keep his composure as he read Mars’ words.

Meanwhile, Mars was at her mother’s home in West Covina, CA, surrounded by her girls, getting into her fabulous wedding dress. As she came down the stairs, her girls’ reactions were priceless, her own excitement at marrying her sweetheart reflected in their faces. It was impossible for them to look at how beautiful and happy their best friend was and not shed a tear of joy.

Maricel and EJ had picked the amazing St. Paul the Apostle church in Chino Hills for their ceremony. The church has an open and expansive sanctuary, with huge windows to let in lots of beautiful, soft light and a unique, modern altar that provided a beautiful backdrop. After being escorted in by her parents and then up to the altar by EJ, the two took communion together, shared a rope and veil ceremony with the help of their loved ones, and vowed to always stand by each other in the presence of God. It was touching, emotional, and special, highlighted by the little looks of excitement that passed between them as they knelt at the altar.

After the ceremony, the entire wedding party packed into a limo and headed to secluded park nearby for some of the most fun and hot group shots we’ve ever taken. To say this group was rocking is an understatement. With their cool shoes, hot shades, and sexy poses, the wedding party showed us what urban CA style is all about. And while the ladies did their thing, including some really fun shots of Mars playing tennis in her dress, the guys finally got to hoop it up, doing some lay-up drills, and throwing out their best aerial moves.

Mars and EJ’s reception was held back at the Double Tree. Their reception included a photo booth, a candy station, and a gorgeous cake from Rockwell’s Bakery. Their night featured touching speeches by EJ’s two best men and Mars’ two matrons of honor, with plenty of tears all around, a sweet first dance between them, touching dances with their parents, and a fun money dance. But the highlight of the evening was a slideshow that had everyone laughing and crying. The slideshow just highlighted how special Mars and EJ are and how much they mean to all their friends and family.

Mars and EJ, thanks so much for trusting us with this important day in your lives! We are sooooo jealous of the beautiful photos you’ve posted from your honeymoon in Cabo! So glad you had a wonderful time! We hope to see you both again soon!! : )