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When we last saw Sharonda & Javian, he was getting ready to go on deployment. We met up with them in mid-December for a Jacksonville engagement session to capture some photos to remember each other by while they were apart. Though the months went by slow at first, Javian came back home and before they knew it the big day had arrived!

Sharonda and Javian chose to have a beautiful candlelight ceremony at the Arlington Women’s Club, with a white and gold decor theme designed by Alpha & Omega Event Consultants. With the lights down, the candles lighting the way, and violin music provided by Beverly Chapman, Sharonda was all smiles as she walked towards Javian. In that instant, we could easily see that destiny had again brought together two people completely in love with each other.

Taylor Made Productions got the party started at the reception, and everyone danced throughout the night! Sharonda and Javian took some time out from the party to cut their gorgeous cake from 3 Sisters Chocolate, who also created one of the most incredible groom’s cakes we’ve ever seen. Javian’s cake looked like a hot dog and two cheeseburgers on a grill, complete with a second mini-groom’s cake that looked like the lid to the grill. It was fantastic and had everyone talking!

Sharonda’s makeup was provided by Donna Kemp of Just Kiss ‘N’ Makeup. The day was also captured by talented the talented video team at Siberian Pictures. It was a very beautiful event!

Sharonda & Javian, you are an amazingly beautiful and sweet couple and we wish you and your daughters the best as you start your married life together. Congratulations!

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  1. Gladys Davis says:

    It was truly a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING. It was a dream wedding that every woman would want. Everything was wonderful and sweet. Being the mother of the bride, I had to shed some tears.

  2. DONNA KEMP says:


  3. Ebony Smith says:

    Girl your wedding look like it was was on point.I wish I could have been there but God blessed you with a good man and beautiful wedding.

  4. It was a wonderful wedding. It was a dream wedding that maybe one day I would be able to have.Ronda and Javian I wish you the best on your marriage and I want to say thanks for inviting me to be apart of one of the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to and much love to you all. The picture are so pretty!!!

  5. Aurico says:

    Very lovely pictures you were working that dress girl good luck and God bless you and your groome. Have a happy life and have plenty of kids Ha Ha.

  6. Nikki Ridley says:

    Everything is so beautiful and the pictures captured that so well. S/N Those are some beautiful maids of honor! Where did you find them?

  7. Connie Williams says:

    This Wedding will be an event to remember for all that participated. Being the Mother of the groom,I thank God for him and the man that he has become. I know that Javian and Sharonda will be happy for eternity. For God has blessed me with another wonderful daughter.

  8. Stephanie McKinnon says:

    You looked so Pretty Sharonda. The pictures were beautiful almost like a movie the photographer did a magnificent job.

  9. Mr & Mrs Javian Williams says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments. It really means a lot of us. The pictures are so amazing. Our wedding day was like a fairy tale that came to life on August 7. We love you all!

  10. Jennifer Ziegler says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband, Sharonda! I pray that you two have the most beautiful marriage and God blesses you with all that you desire. I truly wish we could have been there. The pictures are absolutely beautiful; I can tell the wedding was flawless! Again, congratulations and enjoy!!

  11. Victoria Williams-Smith says:

    You two look amazing! Very beautiful picture you guys! I wish you to the best of luck through out everything. If u remember to put God first it will all work out in the end! THESE PICS ARE AMAZING!

  12. Beverly Holloway says:

    Congradulations Javian and Sharonda the pictures capture your natural beauty. Love you both. Auntie Beverely

  13. De'Anthony Chelcy says:

    you guys looked amazing at you wedding im happy sharonda met you javian cause she and kenndy makes you happy and everyone happy and i love guys, Ans the pictures were like magic and the placement setting and lighting was just perfect

  14. carderious williams says:

    the pictures are truly beautiful i was the bestman in this wedding i enjoyed it and it was great .. love you guys both ..

  15. Stacy Prince says:

    This is one most beautiful weddings I have every seen. U R a very beautiful bride. You and your husband make very nice couple.Yall look so happy together. don’t let nothin come in between what god has created. I wish to u is love, peace, joy ond happines. And may god bless the both of you. And keep up the good work.

  16. Jerry Williams says:

    Now that seem like it was amazing sorry I couldn’t make it the wedding,but just wanted to stop by and say congrat to the bride and groom.Wish you guys many years of happiness cousin

  17. Eddie williams says:

    Way to go son

  18. Laverne Williams says:

    great pictures

  19. Mr.& Mrs. Javian Williams:
    May your life together be filled with such happiness. May you always cherish each other from this day forward. I am a friend of Connie Williams(groom’ mother) and I was delighted that she allowed me to view such beautiful portraits. They are Beautiful.
    May God bless your life together.

    Love always,
    Sherrell Moss

  20. Jennifer Northern says:

    Hey you both look very nice and everything was beautiful. This is the beginning of your new life enjoy it and each other every minute. Keep god 1st and everything else will fall into place. love you both! congrads

  21. Leondra Hannor says:

    Congrats girl!!!! Beautiful wedding! Wish u both the best!!!!

  22. Kennidee Walker says:

    Hi Mommy & Daddy, the wedding was so pretty. I had a good time and I know you & daddy did to. I looked good. I was sooo pretty. smile. I love you & daddy forever & ever.

  23. Jamaal Rice says:

    Congratulations, I have never seen such romantic and beautiful wedding. The pictures are amazingly beautiful… Hats off to the Photographer!!!!!!!!

  24. Briana Kaigler says:

    HOW BEAUTIFUL. I really enjoyed seeing you two united. The pictures captured every moment.

  25. SHARON WILLIAMS&Johnny says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, cousin the pictures were sooo breath taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish I could have been there, may God bless you both

  26. Diane Fulks says:

    congratulations and best wishes!!!

  27. Bianca Fulks says:

    The pictures were beautiful!! Best wishes!

  28. Deborah Green (Story) says:

    WOW…. Very elegant, romantic, beautiful wedding… Each time I look at the pictures it brings sooooooooooooo much joy to my heart and puts a smile on my face…… Javian and Sharonda I love you and May God Keep You!!!!!!! The pictures are so amazingly very well taken… Gooooooo Photographer!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Jasmyn says:


  30. Robin Waters says:

    Congrats Mr & Mrs Javian Williams. The pictures are beautiful!

  31. Estella Kazinazrul says:

    Best wishes to you and your husband for many, many years to come. I love you both. I am so proud of you. May the Lord countinue to bless you and Javian. Congrats!!!! Love auntie Stella

  32. Keonna Jackson says:

    Auntie Ronda, I love you. I wish you and uncle Javian the very best. You all are so beautiful. The photographer did an awesome job but you all made it easy. The camera loves you!!!

  33. Camille says:

    WELCOME WELCOMe to the wonrefull world of maried couples. The pictures are so amazingly beautiful!
    May God continue to shine down on your new family and bless you.

    Sharondra, here is calling you DAVIS… for the last time. Mr williams, you are truly a blessed man.

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