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Last night I took a little road trip with Ginger and Corinna to attend the launch party for the fall issue of Weddings Unveiled in Charleston, SC! I received a few copies of the fall issue early this week, and as I looked through the delicious details from real weddings and the stunning equestrian-inspired editorial shoot, I finally came to the page I was looking for – our half page ad on p. 198! This is our first big print ad, and I’m so excited that it is in such a gorgeous magazine!

Though Charleston is just a 3 1/2 hour drive away, it seemed to take longer as we drove through constant rain, wondering if the threat of flash floods was real. But we’re Florida girls, and it rains ALL the time here in the “Sunshine State,” so a little water wasn’t going to deter us from getting our party on!

We arrived at the Charleston Library Society and I was just in awe of its charm. The steps leading up to the door made for such a grand entrance. When we walked in to the room, there was music playing and a chorus of voices chatting about weddings over cocktails and some incredible southern-inspired hors d’ouerves! The lighting directed your attention to the gorgeous wedding gowns on display:


I forgot to bring a point and shoot camera, so all I have are images from my trusty iPhone! But I treasure all 2 megapixels of detail that they captured! : )

The highlight of the evening for me was meeting the infamous Emily H (because to her Twitter name, I feel like the H has to be mentioned!). Her enthusiasm for Weddings Unveiled is the main reason we decided to advertise with them! I also had the privilege of meeting Brooke Thomas, the Publisher and Creative Director of the magazine! They made us feel so welcome and just the opportunity to say hello to the amazing people behind this gorgeous magazine was worth the drive!

As they encouraged us to enjoy the party, I indulged in a special champagne punch that was created for the party. Other favorites included delightful mini cupcakes by Wild Flour Pastry, the crab cakes by Duvall Catering & Event Design, and the stunning and oh-so-delicious cake creation by Jim Smeal I also loved the intimate setting created by the romantic centerpieces designed by Blossoms Events.



I’m so thankful to my road trip girls for being crazy enough to drive 7 hours round trip to spend 2 wonderful hours at this event! The conversation in the car was a great part of the experience, and really this drive was nothing compared to 12 hours roundtrip to Pensacola! We are a bit crazy, but when you are in good company a road trip is a great time!


Thank you to Weddings Unveiled for a lovely evening and inviting us to celebrate the launch of the fall issue with you! It’s exciting to be part of such a gorgeous publication! : )

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If home is where the heart is, then what better of a reception location than your own backyard! Backyard receptions make it easy to personalize décor and create a comfortable ambiance for your guests. Here’s a few tips on how to make the party picture perfect! Tents are great way to dress up your yard. These days there’s a tent style to match any wedding theme. I love this one below. It’s perfect for a whimsical spring wedding.

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Romantic atmospheres can also be created in your backyard by playing with lights and floral arrangements. Talk with a professional tent company about a dance floor and the possibility of chandeliers to really dress it up!

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Hosting from your home can also save you a few bucks! Beverages at this backyard wedding were served from old wine bottles. Call up a local wine retailer and ask for their old bottles. Clean them off and label them with sharpie for a personal touch!

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Speaking of personal touches, check out this great idea I found at The Knot. Guest seating doesn’t require renting tons of chairs. In this picture, bails of hay and colorful quilts do the trick! You can also bring out couches, mismatch chairs or just layout blankets. To keep the atmosphere cozy, I suggest fat candles in hurricane vases for warm light and paper lanterns hanging from tree limbs for a festive atmosphere.

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

If your envisioning a yard full of flowers, make sure you begin planting well in advance. Do your research. Ask yourself “Which flowers will be in full bloom for my wedding,” “How long will it take for the flowers to fill out,” and “Will they hold through the winter?” Work on that green thumb; you won’t regret it!

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Backyard receptions are personal and affordable, but it takes a lot of planning and time. To take off some of the stress, don’t be afraid to hire an event planner and ask for professional advice from florists, caterers, photographers and rental companies- after all they are the experts! So what are you waiting for? Start planning!

WPPI Road Trip – Orlando

September 24, 2010

On Wednesday, I headed down to Orlando for the day to attend the WPPI Road Trip. WPPI stands for Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, and they host one of the largest photography conventions every year in Las Vegas. I’ve been a member of WPPI for a couple years, but last year was my first time going to Vegas for the convention. It’s several days of workshops, shoots, making new friends, and reviewing products and services from amazing vendors at the trade show. This year, the show happens to be during my birthday. Thanks, WPPI! : )

WPPI has brought a mini version of the Vegas convention to different cities throughout the US. Last year, I went to the road trip in Atlanta. This year, I was able to stay a little closer to home and head to Orlando. I saw a lot of other photographers that I knew or was “Facebook friends” with, which was great. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take any photos! And this time I even told myself that I needed to take photos, but after waking up at 5am and driving down to Orlando I think I was too tired to remember!

My favorite speakers were Rebecca Grinnals of Engaging Concepts and photographer Garrett Nudd. They were both informative and inspiring. Garrett Nudd had me teary-eyed as I was reminded of why I do what I do.

I’m looking forward to going to Vegas in the spring! Hope to see some of you there! : )

We’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately asking about family photos for the holidays, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve opened up two dates for holiday mini sessions! For the first time ever, we are offering mini sessions for only $100! Spaces are limited, so we are making this announcement to those who follow the blog first! To reserve your space, email us at and let us know which date you prefer and whether you are interested in a beach or park location!


Our guest blogging spot on The Bridal Closet continues this week with a post about the groom’s getting ready shots.

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Dress Talk is a bi-weekly post featuring wedding dress shopping and gown advice by guest blogger Sam Owen of Solutions Bridal Designer House. Make sure to check back for more bridal fashion information and also add The Bridal Closet, official blog of Solutions Bridal Designer House, to your blog reader!

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Ok ladies we understand how perfect your wedding dress has to be on the big day, and your mom’s bedazzled ball gown with the shoulder pads just isn’t going to cut it. These days it’s the fabric and the fit that most girls fall in love with. So how do you find the one that’s right for you? Here are a few information tidbits to help narrow it down.

First consider the mood you’re trying to create for your special day. If you’re creating an elegant ambiance satin is a great starting point. It has a great natural shine that will make you feel glitzy without being over embellished. If Satin is too heavy for you, consider going with a charmeuse or silky satin fabric. These lighter fabrics also allow for more layering and a flowier train.


Lace is another beautifully elegant fabric, however it can be on the pricey side. Beware of retailers that try and sell you fake lace. A great way to have your lace dress without breaking the bank is to mix it with another fabric. Choose a dress with touches of lace on the trim, neckline or bodice.

For the more subtle bride, organza is a great choice. This soft fabric has a liquid feel that falls beautifully on any bride. It embodies the romance of lace and satin but is lightweight and comfortable.

Are you dreaming of a whimsical beach wedding? Chiffon might be the little printed word on the dryclean only tag of your wedding dress. It’s very much like organza but just a tad thinner. Both are excellent choices!


Do see yourself walking down a green aisle filled with flowers and sunshine? You should consider taffeta. It ‘s practical for outdoor festivities because of its breathable light qualities. The taffeta Mikaella below would be perfect for a garden wedding!


If sheer and flowy just isn’t your style, shantung is a great fabric. It has a distinct texture that creates great dimension. Silk shantung especially catches light beautifully. Remember any fabric with the word silk before it is of great quality. Below is a silk shantung Lazaro ball gown. I just love the way this one shines!


Feeling playful? Tulle may just be the perfect fabric for your wedding dress. It makes any girl look and feel like a princess. The tulle Lazaro below definitely embodies that princess spirit. Chances are tulle is the fabric your mom and dad envision you walking down the aisle in. My best advice is not to be pressured into it. Tulle is beautiful, but it’s not for everyone. If you feel great in it that’s all that’s important. Remember it’s your special day!


I know I know! With all these choices it’s hard to choose just one. Why not mix and match fabrics? This is a very popular way to create interest without over doing your dress with beading and gems. Diving into the ocean we call the wedding industry can be overwhelming, so knowledge on details such as fabric can save time and maybe even a headache or two. Just remember the most important thing about choosing your wedding dress is the way it makes you feel. Finding your dress should be one of the most exciting experiences of your life, so remember to let loose a little and have fun!

When I found out that there was a wedding blog with a music twist, I had a geek attack! If you’re looking for unique wedding inspiration, Hi-Fi Weddings is definitely the blog to follow! They have an eclectic mix of real weddings and song playlists. It’s like each couple poured their heart into a mixed tape and gave it to you! And you can’t reject someone’s mixed tape, so now you HAVE to go over and check it out!

Today they featured Jessica & Jeff’s Nashville engagement photos on their blog! We’re pretty excited because it’s a confirmation of what we already knew… that Jessi & Jeff just ROCK! And if there was ever a couple whose wedding and entire relationship was inspired by music, it’s this couple! Find out more about them by visiting the Hi-Fi Weddings blog and also leave them some love!

A big thanks to Hi-Fi Weddings and hugs to Jessi & Jeff! We’re counting down to the big day! : )

Hi-Fi Weddings

We LOVE a good love story, and LaTisha & Kyle’s story is the kind that makes you believe that we are all destined to be with that one special person. They met several years ago, but life took them in different directions until one day Kyle’s brother helped put them back on the path towards each other. Though the years kept them apart, it also brought them closer together as they promised to never let each other go again.

LaTisha & Kyle live in Altamonte, but when they decided to come to Jacksonville for their engagement photos we brought them to the most beautiful beach location that Jacksonville has to offer – the ethereal shores of Big Talbot Island. Overcast skies just added to the mystery and beauty of the island, and with no one around LaTisha & Kyle were able to get caught up in kisses and caresses among the wave-worn branches of fallen oak trees. They were at ease with each other in a way that only happens when you love someone wholly, deeply, and without reservation. The one word that resonates when we look back at these images is… bliss.

As the sun descended behind a cloudy veil, it yielded ribbons of pink throughout the purple sky. We left the island and caught the last ferry across the St Johns River, enjoying the lights on the water and the salty evening air. We ended the day by sharing one last “taste” of Jacksonville at Singletons Seafood Shack before they made their way to Palm Coast to visit family for Labor Day weekend.

LaTisha & Kyle, we hope you enjoyed your visit to Jacksonville! We had a great time laughing with you and we look forward to seeing you again soon! : )

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It’s the moment of truth. Everyone waits as the bride and groom sweetly cut the cake together, wondering… will someone be sleeping on the couch or will they play nice? You really never know which way it will go, but the anticipation is enough to get everyone involved!

Some couples have an agreement before the wedding, while others are completely in the moment. We’ve seen some pretty crazy cake battles, and the bride usually wins. Now, Matt will lie and tell you that it’s always the bride who wants to smash the cake in the groom’s face. No, I insist that it’s the groom that instigates the cake fight, so ladies, you should always let the groom go first so that you are ARMED!

This series below is from a wedding that we shot at Club Continental. The groom got a little bit too playful, and, well… I think you can see what happened next:

Club Continental Wedding Photos

But the award for Best Cake Cutting EVER would have to go to Amanda & Chris. Everything seemed to be going smooth, until Chris got a little cake on Amanda’s nose. The next thing we know, Amanda smashes cake all over Chris’s face and BOLTS out the door! Chris reaches into the cake, grabs a handful, and goes running after her. They come back in and are just covered in cake:

Green Cove Springs Wedding Photos

Knowing how playful and fun Amanda & Chris are, I’m sure they still think about it and laugh just as hard as they did that day. Most couples who get into a cake battle have fun with it. Besides, what’s better than sweet icing kisses?!

So what do you think about the cake cutting? Should couples play nice or is it tradition to get messy?

When you know something is meant to be, you just KNOW that it’s more than just luck or coincidence. It’s like a prayer answered. Past experience may tell you to doubt, but when you put your trust in God, powerful things begin to happen.

Last Saturday, we went back to the place where Stacie & Tim had their first date. In anticipation of that first meeting, they probably wondered what was in store for them. Just another disappointment? Or could this be the beginning of something meaningful? With one look, all doubt was erased. After 8 hours of talking and laughing together that day, their hearts confirmed that they had found what they were looking for in one another.

There’s something incredible that happens when you watch Stacie & Tim together. It’s the way that her laugh says “I love you” over and over again, and the way that he brings her close when she’s shying away that says “I’ll never let you go.” The moments in between the poses we saw something genuine between them – the REAL Stacie & Tim – and we felt pretty special to be witness to it.

We also went to a nearby nature preserve and faced snakes, alligators, rabid armadillos, and tickle fights for some cute photos. After spending the morning with Stacie & Tim, we really can’t wait for their wedding later this year! You just can’t find two sweeter people in the world! They are so cute together, and they really are a perfect match! : )

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 01

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 02

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 03

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 04

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 05

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 06

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 07

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 08

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 09

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 10

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 11

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 12

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 13

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 14

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 15

Jacksonville-Engagement-Photos- 16