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Whether you’re the bride’s best friend or you were chosen by default, being a bridesmaid is such an honor and a responsibility. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Don’t say “When I get married” or “At so-and-so’s wedding…” Every wedding is different and no bride wants to be compared to past or future weddings. A lot of thought has gone into every detail, and as a bridesmaid you should be understanding of the brides choices.

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2. Ok, so she chose the unflattering cornflower dress despite everyone’s hidden disgust. There’s nothing you can do about it, but you can do something about how it’s going to fit you. Remember that when getting measured, most bridesmaid dresses run SMALL. Don’t be alarmed if the stylist suggests you order a size 14, and you’ve never been over a size 8 a day in your life. It differs by designer, but it’s not uncommon to order a dress two sizes bigger than you may imagine. Stylists also round upward to account for alterations. It’s always easier to make the dress smaller than make the dress bigger!

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3. Call in for updates and avoid talking about yourself. Think about it this way-the closer to the wedding, the more you call and the less you talk. I don’t care if she’s your twin sister or your best friend; this is a very stressful time for the bride. Chances are if you start talking about your new haircut the bride is thinking about her own do for the wedding anyway. So be a good listener and keep the focus on the wedding.

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4. Remember why you’re here. Being a bridesmaid is an honor and you should act accordingly. Bridesmaids are there to witness the ceremony and support the couple through good and bad-until death do them part. Make yourself available in the days preceding the wedding for any errand the bride may need. This goes for the day of as well. Don’t forget you’ll be on bathroom duty for the girl in the white dress!

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