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Christmas on the Farm

January 18, 2011

By Matt Tundermann

A number of years ago, my parents decided to start Summer Brook Valley Farm Alpacas as a side business. Alpacas, for those who don’t know, are part of the Camelid family and are raised in the U.S. for their fiber, which is higher quality than sheep’s wool and hypoallergenic. What started with a mother and two baby boys (babies are called crias) living on another farm has grown into over half an acre of cleared land, a barn, multiple paddocks, and over a dozen alpacas, two baby doll sheep, and two guard llamas.

Most of the alpacas are a little skittish, although one, Aurora, loves to give kisses (if you lean over towards her, she’ll touch her nose to your nose). The newest additions to the farm are perhaps my favorites now; little Cocoa and Cookie, the two baby doll sheep. They’re short and squat, have small, cute little faces, and make the loudest “Baaaaa” sounds you ever heard.

Sometimes it’s weird thinking of my parents owning and running a farm, but it’s also fun to wake up, look out the back window over the snow-covered fields, and watch these funny, furry creatures walking around. It’s especially funny when we let the puppies out and all the alpacas, sheep, and llamas come running out of the barn to stare at them.

If you’re ever in Connecticut, you should head to Middletown to visit the farm!

2 Responses to “Christmas on the Farm”

  1. I Love the pictures! Mom

  2. Kym Whitaker says:

    Wow !!!! Love all the beautiful animals. What a life for your mom & dad!!!

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