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If you’ve been wondering whether you should or shouldn’t have a cocktail hour at your wedding, here are a few reasons why a cocktail hour is a good idea:

1. Hungry guests are unhappy guests – There can be a significant amount of time between when your ceremony gets out and when food gets served at your reception. Having a little cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres will give your guests something to nosh on and it helps create a very social atmosphere that will lead to more fun and dancing later in the night.

Cocktail Hour

2. Make it yours – A cocktail hour is another fun opportunity for you to incorporate some personal touches into the wedding. Have a theme to your wedding? Incorporate it into your cocktail hour. You can also create nostalgia with family recipes or create new traditions with signature drinks!

Cocktail Hour - Signature Drinks

3. Give yourself some Meet and Greet time – So many couples end up doing rounds of all the tables while their guests eat, resulting in them NOT eating. If you host a cocktail hour before your reception begins, this gives you a great opportunity to say hi to all your guests, unwind a little bit, and just relax after all the earlier stress of the wedding day.

Cocktail Hour

4. Candid Photos – A cocktail hour is a great time for your photographer to work the crowd, grabbing fun shots of everyone hanging out and laughing, or capturing some of those group shots that weren’t on your formal group shot list, but that you still want. The candid shots from a cocktail hour help tell the entire story of your wedding day.

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