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The classic rice and bird seed toss at the end of a wedding can be quite the exit. However, remember that what goes up must come down, and picking bird seed out of your hair and dress can be a bit uncomfortable. Thankfully, recent alternate trends are taking this fun tradition to a new level of excitement and style!

There are countless options to chose from that can really spice up your exit, and I thought I would share some of the classic and creative ideas I found in my search!

For the eco-friendly inspired couple!

I love the idea of creating your very own personalized, eco-friendly confetti to use as an updated tosser! It is an easy and unique way to incorporate your personal style into the day while also keeping a green approach! There are a ton of websites that offer the service, so making is happen is easy and good for the environment.

For the show stopping sparkling couple!

Wow your guests with this dazzling departure! Whether your special day falls on a holiday, or you are just looking to stand out, sparklers are perfect for an evening exit and are sure to make your special day shine like no other!

For the funky and fun-loving couple!

Using uniquely you items like feathers, colored cotton balls, or glitter can transform your traditional exit to a creative and fabulous level of whimsical in no time. I love the couple that incorporated paper airplanes into their ceremony! All of these items are just plain fantastically fun.

For the wildly romantic couple!

If genuine romance is more your personal taste, think of releasing butterflies or throwing an abundance of rose petals or your favorite flowers as you make your departure. This sweet and sentimental gesture screams undying love, and will definitely add a touch of classic with a twist to your wedding tosser option.

The possibilities are endless with wedding tossers, and this is one aspect of your wedding that you can truly personalize to fit your taste!

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  1. Christie says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the paper airplanes – don’t be surprised if you see this one in person ;)

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