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One of the big trends in wedding colors we are seeing right now is shades of grey. Whether is is light or even closer to charcoal, have a grey in your palette can really make your other colors pop. A classic combo is baby pink and grey but a very popular option is bright yellow. The great thing about grey is that it fits with any season. You can still have your rich, bold colors for fall and summer or go lighter for winter and spring.

I’m a big fan of going monochromatic and a touch of grey really adds something interesting to the look. You can pick a grey bridesmaid dress and then add your color with shoes and florals. If you like the idea of grey but you don’t want that much of it, you can add a few select pieces like jewelry or a swanky clutch to create a sophisticated feel.

4 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday | Trends: Grey, The Great Neutral | Dress Talk with Solutions Bridal Designer House”

  1. Administrator says:

    Grey is my favorite color behind black, and I REALLY love it in weddings! It’s elegant and it really does go well with just about any other color. What’s your favorite color to pair it with? Mine is obviously black, but I also love a pale pink next to grey!

  2. Linelle says:

    How bout navy blue?? Hehe. =)

  3. Administrator says:

    That would be a great one!! Not sure I’ve seen it done before, though. I’ll have to think about it! LOL ; )

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