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We recently went on the road to shoot Claire & Oliver’s wedding in California (which we will be sharing on the blog TOMORROW!!! Yay!), so we thought we would document some of the trip so we could share it on Wedding Wednesday. We had direct flights both ways, which we definitely prefer when traveling for weddings. I’m always willing to drive down to my hometown of Orlando if it means we can get a direct flight! We also flew for the first time ever on Virgin America, and we love it! Virgin and JetBlue are definitely our favorite airlines! Great customer service and comfortable flights!

While in California, we also visited with our album vendor to pick up an album for one of our other CA couples, Linelle & Jonathan. We also saw some of the new materials they were testing out and found out that they used one of our albums as a sample! Pretty cool!

On Sunday we met up with 3 of our couples (including the bride we picked up the album for). It’s always great seeing everyone when we come out there! Sadly, I didn’t think to get any pictures with them! We were going to do a photo shoot, but it was cold and rainy. At least it was beautiful for the wedding!

In the second video, Matt reviews our LowePro 200x Roller and our LowePro Flipside backpack. We absolutely love them both! The roller carries 4 camera bodies, 4 speedlights, our 2 large zoom lenses, about 5-6 prime lenses, and a bunch of accessories. We used the backpack to carry all of our chargers and batteries. In the event that we were on a small plane that couldn’t accomodate our roller bag, we could put our two main cameras bodies, two zoom lenses, and a couple primes into the backpack. We’ve actually traveled to a wedding on a plane that had about 10 seats, so the backpack is for the worst case scenario because it will absolutely fit on any plane. It’s not likely to happen on a cross country trip, but always better to be prepared! I’m all about logistics and constantly thinking of “what if…”

I also brought my ShootSac (given to me by my wonderful friend Rupa) which packs pretty flat and Matt used the backpack as his camera bag on the wedding day in lieu of his regular bag (which is a bit bulky). We also bring the roller bag with us to the wedding to carry extra lenses, batteries, chargers, etc. We pack our tripod and lightstands into our checked bag along with our clothes. Well, Matt’s clothes. I’m proud to say that all of my clothes (except for my suit) fit into a small carry on bag! We also bring a bag to carry the lightstands in and pack it in the checked bag (it takes up very little space). If you have any questions about our roller bag or backpack, please feel free to email us at

Apologies for the shaky camera work. I used my iPhone to capture everything, but I hope you enjoy it! : )

LowePro 200x Roller from Gwen Tundermann on Vimeo.

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  1. Linelle says:

    “On The Road With GTP”.. will we be seeing more of those?.. i like! =)

  2. Administrator says:

    Probably! I love doing video on my phone! It’s a dangerous thing! LOL!

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