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This Valentine’s Day, we’re giving a very special gift to one lucky couple! The love stories were sent in, and more than 7,000 votes were cast to choose 5 couples to be our finalists in the giveaway. The stories of those 5 couples were reviewed by a panel of wedding professionals and one of our couples (who won last year’s contest). They had the very challenging task of choosing which couple among the finalists should win a wedding photography package valued at $2,500!

Their choice was clear. Everyone on the panel ranked this couple toward the top of their list, with 3 of the panel members ranking them as their #1 choice. We are excited to announce that Ashley & Judd are the winning couple in our 2012 Wedding Photography Giveaway! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we would like to share their love story:

How We Met:
Judd and I met almost seven years ago at the University of North Florida. He was a senior on the baseball team and I was a little freshman on the softball team. On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays both the baseball and softball teams had weight lifting at 5am. So after weeks of glances in the weight room and asking teammates about each other we finally met and made plans to hang out. What I remember most about those early days of our relationship is the ease that I found in simply talking to him. Around him I found that I could relax and be myself. Now, seven years later, through the good, the bad, a lot of growing and a year and a half of long distance, we finally made it back to Jacksonville, FL and are ready to build our lives together.

The Proposal:
We decided that for New Year’s Eve 2012 we wanted to do something different and get out of town. On the way back to Jacksonville from a family party in Clearwater (where Judd is from) we drove by Disney and spontaneously decided to spend New Year’s Eve at Disney World. After getting settled into our hotel room, we drove to the park, had a great dinner and decided to go to Downtown Disney to watch the fireworks at midnight. While waiting for the trolley to get to Downtown Disney we made some new friends from New Jersey who, unknown to me, were in on Judd’s plan to propose. We made our way to a great waterfront spot to watch the fireworks. The night seemed pretty perfect already. Finally, as we waited for 2012 to make its debut, the fireworks start to explode into the velvety, black sky and I was content. Life over this past year has brought me wonderful things; what else could I possibly ask for? Then, out of the corner of my eye I see Judd drop to one knee and my heart skipped a beat. This moment that I have dreamt about since I was a little girl, since seven years ago when I met Judd and I knew he was what I’d always wanted in another person, was coming to fruition. As he is down on one knee, fireworks are bursting in the distance, he pulls out a ring with a beautiful diamond that was passed down to him from his grandfather. At that moment, he said things that I am going to keep only for me and asked me to marry him. One of the best parts of the proposal was that as all of this is happening, our new friends from New Jersey are taking step by step pictures of every moment. They say that Disney is the place where dreams come true and I had no idea how true that is.

Us as a Couple:
As a couple we really are a great balance. Judd is laid back and goes with the flow while I on the other hand am a bit more high-strung and worrisome. He calms me down and helps me reign in my emotions while I keep him moving. The greatest part about us is the mutual understanding and support of my unique family situation. My twenty-four year old brother, Taylor, is special-needs. He has a disorder called Angelman Syndrome (AS). It is a neuro-genetic disorder that occurs in 1 in 15,000 live births and is often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy or autism. Characteristics of AS include; developmental delay, lack of speech, seizures, and walking and balance disorders. Individuals with Angelman Syndrome will require life-long care. This means that one day, when my parents are no longer able to care for my brother, I become the caretaker. I love my brother more than words could ever express and his health and well-being are very important to me, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t sometimes worry about how he would affect my life and the dreams I have for the future. How could I burden someone else with the responsibility for caring for my adult brother who is unable to care for himself? Then I met Judd. Judd has become my support system and has developed a wonderful relationship with my little brother. He knows how important Taylor is to me and he has vowed to be by my side no matter what the future holds.


Congratulations Ashley & Judd! We look forward to working with you! : )

We also want to thank the couples who shared their stories and participated in this contest and everyone who voted for them! Last, but most certainly not least, we would like to thank our panel for playing such an important role in the giveaway:

I Do Wedding Consulting

The Event Divas

Amanda Hopcraft

The Wedding Yentas

Leigh Anne & Patrick (our 2011 Wedding Photography Giveaway winner!)

We wish all of you lots of love (and chocolate) on this Valentine’s Day! <3

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  1. Beth B. says:

    Yay I’m glad they won…. I voted for them. :)

  2. Melanie says:

    This is the best Valentine’s gift ever! Ash and Judd I am SO happy for you guys! Love you both – Mel

  3. Congrats, Ashley and Judd! And congrats to all the couples on their upcoming weddings. Enjoy the planning!!!

  4. Maureen Moretti says:

    Congratulations Ashley & Judd. Gwendolyn Tundermann could not have picked a better person to win this incredible prize… Ashley, I have always admired you and your wonderful family. It looks like you have found and added another treasure to the mix. Congratulations… You truly deserve this win…

    Maureen Moretti and family

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