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Matt and I had such a great time at The Wedding Exhibit Bridal Show yesterday! It was our very first time doing a bridal show, and I think we chose the right one! The producers of the show were fantastic and so were the staff! They helped us unload all of our stuff from our 14′ U-Haul truck and also helped us load it back up at the end of the show. I don’t even want to know how long that would have taken just the two of us to do! So thank you so much to The Wedding Exhibit for making the show such a great experience!

We also had a great time seeing some of our vendor friends there (though we didn’t get nearly enough time to go say hello to everyone). We also met several new wedding vendors at the show! Our booth was located across from Riverside Tours and Travel. I’m not sure if that was intentional, but it sure was an ideal match up since we travel for about 40% of our weddings and we just love to travel in general! We’re looking forward to working with them on a few things! We were also across from Kelly’s Bloom Room, which had one of the most beautiful displays at the show! So when we weren’t looking at our own booth (which we think kinda rocks) we were looking at gorgeous photos of the Caribbean and a huge display of orchids! Can’t beat that!

We also had the opportunity to interact with a lot of brides and grooms and their family and closest friends who attended the show with them! Meeting everyone was the highlight of our day, especially connecting with brides who have followed our website and Facebook page! We’re looking forward to meeting with so many of you over the next few weeks and hearing even more details about your wedding day!

We also want to thank everyone who came out to our studio Open House on Saturday! We so love and appreciate all of you, and it warmed our hearts to see some familiar faces and some new ones! We love seeing our couples’ families grow! <3 I know some of you couldn't make it to the Open House or the bridal show, but we appreciate your support! And since everyone keeps asking for photos, here they are! : ) First, we have a couple pics of us and our booth at the bridal show:

Anyone who has been to our studio will recognize the setup above, because we basically packed up part of our studio and moved it to the Prime Osborn! Here’s our meeting space at the studio:

Here’s one of the front door (forgive the mess – this was when we were still putting it all together):

When we first got the keys, the walls were light brown and it was one big open space. One day I told Matt my vision. I wanted him to build a partition wall so that the meeting space would be separate and would feel like an art gallery. Oh, and I wanted it to be portable so we could break it down and bring it to bridal shows! At first he thought I was crazy, and he was probably right, but eventually he liked the idea!

This is our shooting space, which is still a work in progress. We just received our newest backdrop, so hopefully we’ll have it set up tomorrow! We also have a wardrobe and prop area in there now with some fun accessories for Pillow Book Boudoir sessions!

In addition to building a portable partition wall, one of our biggest projects was reupholstering my antique settee, which used to be in my home office. I had never reupholstered before, but I wasn’t ready to let this adorable piece of furniture go. I’m so glad I didn’t because after much attention, patience, and time it has transformed into such a gorgeous piece! I think it makes our meeting space! You can see the old fabric vs. the new here:

And just for fun, here is the mock up that I did to show Matt what I had in mind for the wall!

It’s crazy to see it all come together the way it has, but we just love our space! It’s cute and cozy and has a ton of character. As someone put it this weekend at the open house, it looks like our website! We think it’s a reflection of our work!

We still have more exciting changes coming, including our new logo and marketing pieces. But we’re excited to share our biggest project with you! We’d love for you to stop by the studio and visit! : )

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  1. Holly says:

    It looks incredible!!!!

  2. mom says:

    This is so beautiful. The colors are awesome! I’m proud of you guys!

  3. Rupa says:

    Congratulations on the new space – it’s great! LOVE the bridal show set up – how cool and oh-so-inviting to visitors!!

  4. Sandy Lugo says:

    Congrats Gwen & Matt!!! It looks beautiful!!! Sorry we couldn’t make it to the open house, we had our family in town and it was a hectic weekend but Ralph and I would of loved to have gone. BTW who is that gorgeous woman in the picture by the window?!? lol Ralph said “cool now you’re famous” when I showed him. Thanks for featuring me in your swanky studio! love it! All the best!!! – Sandy & Ralph Lugo

  5. Great studio, Gwen and Matt! I’m glad I got to visit today :) God bless!!

  6. Lisa says:

    You two did an awesome job! I love everything! We’ve got to make our way down to FL to see this beauty in person…seriously tho!

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