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This year at WPPI I wanted to do a lot of shooting. It only makes sense to shoot while at a photography convention, and it’s such a great way to meet other photographers! Since I love to shoot at night and I didn’t see any evening shoots set up, I decided to put one together myself! The lights of Strip were the perfect setting for what I had in mind! I contacted Clark County to obtain a photography permit (something we’re accustomed to doing in SoCal) and started to plan the shoot!

I contacted a model I’d worked with previously during a shoot at WPPI. Her name is Shelby, and of all the models at our shoot she was the best one. She understands how to pose and change her look so that each frame shot is something different. I also knew that she worked well with multiple photographers. I only wanted to do this shoot if she was available, and fortunately for me she was!

We had about 10 photographers in our group, and seriously I was so lucky to have the coolest people come out for the shoot! Everyone was friendly and helpful, which is how a shootout should be. Sometimes you find one person who thinks it’s their show and takes over and the introverts end up not getting to shoot as much. I brought a few things to play with on the shoot so everyone could try out different techniques (and hopefully learn at least one new thing). We used natural light, off camera flash with triggers, backlighting, video light, water spray and glitter. Most of these I have done before, with the exception of glitter. And let me tell you, it is surprisingly HARD to find glitter in Las Vegas! It took me over 2 hours to find a place that sold it! Even Party City didn’t sell it, but they did have confetti, which worked out better anyway!

It’s amazing to see the shots that everyone got. We all shot the same thing, using the same type of lighting, but they all turned out so different! This shoot was one of the highlights of my trip to WPPI. It was so nice to hang out with a group of talented, creative people and walk around the Strip shooting a gorgeous model. Thank you so much to the incredible photographers who participated, and of course to our model Shelby and our MUA/hairstylist Victoria! Here are a few of my shots from the shootout:

















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  1. Those are AWESOME!!! I so wish I could have been there. The model was gorgeous & I LOVE these images. ;-)

  2. Thanks Melody! One of these days you’ll have to make it out to WPPI! : )

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