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Last week, I took part in an underwater photography class, and it was the most fun and challenging photography shoot I’ve ever done! You’d think that the hardest part about shooting underwater would be getting the settings right, or maybe even being able to hold your breath, but I found the biggest challenge to be staying under water! Once I went under my body immediately wanted to come back up, so I had to find ways to push myself down and stay down. I even tried crossing my legs “Indian style” and sinking the bottom. I could only stay under for a few seconds at a time, and trying to time that with the model going under the water and framing the shot was almost impossible. Normally that would be frustrating, but honestly I can’t wait to do it again!

Thanks so much to Erika Thornes, Carrie Mundy, and Brett Lind for organizing this shoot, and to our incredible models/mermaids for being such beautiful subjects to photograph! Erika and Carrie also let us shoot on their cameras (which was already set), so I can only take partial credit for my shots. Thank you soooo much for sharing your gear and for sending out the shots!

Ah… I think I am in love with underwater photography! It’s a whole new world of possibilities!


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    Ok now that is really cool!!!

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