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Since I’m catching up on some past-due blogging, I have to share some more photos from the underwater Trash The Dress shoot/class I did over the summer! That was so much fun, and hopefully sometime this year or early next year I will get my own setup for underwater shoots! For this shoot I borrowed cameras from the ladies who organized the shoot, which was so sweet of them! Right now I’m debating between a few different underwater camera options (housing for my current camera bodies or some of the different cameras designed for underwater use). I know this is something I would definitely love to do again and do much more of! I absolutely love the water, even if I am both fascinated by and terrified of the things that live in it! Hopefully the love of water and underwater photography will help me get over that fear of things that live below the surface! : )

Underwater photography is quite challenging. One of the challenges is getting your settings for the shoot, because when you use underwater house it is difficult to change your settings. I have this issue with the underwater housing for our Sony point and shoot (which I didn’t get to use this time because my battery died!). This is where a special underwater camera may have an advantage. Also, lighting is just as important underwater as it is on land, perhaps even more so because you have all that water that acts as a thick filter and reduces the clarity of your shot. And just as on land, lighting can create interest within the shot. In the first shot there is only ambient light, but in the later shots light is being bounced off a big reflector. I have some ideas for lighting techniques I’d like to try for an underwater shoot sometime!

I was so surprised to find that the biggest challenge was staying underwater! And I don’t mean just holding your breath (though that is another challenge in itself). I mean literally staying physically under the water! I kept floating to the top and all over the place! But I enjoy a challenge and I had so much fun shooting underwater! Hopefully I’ll find more opportunities to do shoots like this!








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