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I love a new Year! It’s a time to for new beginnings, and we couldn’t be more excited about what 2014 has in store! A few weeks ago, I spent some time in Florida with my friend and fellow photographer Rupa and tried to dig deep about what I want. See, at some point I stopped dreaming. I had achieved all my goals already, which sounds like a good thing, but what do you do when you don’t have a vision for what’s next?

So on the retreat I dared myself to search within and figure out what it was that I wanted. To not listen to the reasons why I couldn’t do something and imagine that there were no boundaries. There were two things that stood out. One, I really want to do a shoot in Europe. Preferably Paris, but if anyone would like to do a shoot somewhere else in Europe I’m all for it! Second, and slightly more attainable, was to have a studio again. A space where I could create.

Since moving out here, I’ve searched for a studio from time to time. It was more wishful thinking than anything. But something happened while I was in Florida. The stars began to align or something, because since I dared to dream about this space the universe has sent me signals prompting me to believe. Before I left the retreat, I sent out inquiries for some of the spaces I found. No harm in looking, I thought. Most of them weren’t what we were looking for, but there was one that was a dark horse. There were no photos of the space, but it had so many of the things I was looking for. We saw it the day I got back, and the next day we sent in our application. A couple days later we were signing the lease and we were handed our keys. And then the reality of it all hit us – what just happened?

We got into the studio and started painting… and painting… and painting. It was more work than we had ever imagined. While I tried to dream about what the space would look like, it was coming together slowly (and seemed like it wasn’t coming together at all). Then the voice showed up. That horrible voice inside that told me what a stupid decision I had made and all the reasons why it would fail. And I sat on the floor as big plopping teardrops fell from my eyes. Doubt is the enemy of dreamers.

I’ve tried to silence that voice of doubt, but it’s still there. You have a choice. You can listen to it and hold yourself back, or you can listen to your heart and dream of things greater than you ever imagined.

That is my challenge to you. Dare yourself to dream this year. Dare to realize more of your potential. You can list off all the reasons in the world why things are holding you back, but in the end we only hold ourselves back. If you want something, MAKE it happen!

It’s still a work in progress (a little more painting to do, backdrops to be hung, etc) but here is my dream coming to fruition:



What does this mean for GTP moving forward?

Well, it means that things are going to look very different for us in 2014. We’ve had to put aside shooting portraits because weddings have always kept us so busy (especially being on the road so much), so we are limiting the number of weddings that we will shoot each month/year. We really want to put more focus on our other brands so that they are as successful as our wedding brand. Though our main website will continue to showcase our wedding work, we will begin using our blog and our Facebook page to show off the work we are doing under our other brands:




We are so thrilled to have a beautiful natural light studio to shoot in, along with a meeting space and (coming soon) dressing room and makeup station for boudoir photography! We also have some stunning pieces of furniture in the studio that we can’t wait to shoot with!

We are also excited to offer more to our brides and grooms. As their families continue to grow, we want to be able to document their family history. We couldn’t be more excited about offering more to our couples through our GTP Family brand! From bellies to babies and beyond, we look forward to telling your stories!

And along with shooting babies, we are happy to once again have a space to shoot furbabies! This was a huge must on our studio wish list – to have a space that allowed pets so that we could offer our Aroo! pet sessions again!

Once the studio is complete, I’ll share more photos, including some before and afters! It’s unbelievable how the space has transformed, but we saw its potential from the start! It’s located in the heart of North Park – dangerously close to many thrift stores and boutiques with a wine bar downstairs and a brewery across the parking lot! Our neighbors include a yoga studio and an arts and culture magazine. We couldn’t have imagined a better place for the studio!

With that said, we would love to invite you to come visit the new studio during our open house!

Open House

I will put the details on Facebook soon with directions, parking, and how to gain access to the building! Make sure to follow our Facebook page for more information!

I would like to thank some very special people who encouraged me to dream bigger! Thank you Rupa for the late nights listening to music and constantly inspiring me by living out your own dreams! Thank you to our bride and amazingly talented photographer Stacey for letting me bounce off crazy ideas and for lifting me up when doubt weighed me down. I can’t wait to see where your dreams will take you! And to Justin & Mary Marantz, who always challenge others to dream big. Thank you for inspiring me over the years through your work and through your words! Though it has been a year since your “What’s Next?” workshop, I’ve finally taken that next step. Ooh… big hairy audacious goals sure are scary!

And finally, thank you to my hubby Matt. Seriously, I couldn’t do anything without you beside me! When I have a crazy dream, you tell me it’s not so crazy. Well, you tell me I am crazy but to do it anyway! When I’m crying on the floor, you tell me to put on my big girl pants and get up! You tell me that you’ve never seen me fail and you encourage me to not hold myself back. You sacrifice your entire holiday vacation and spend a ridiculous amount of time painting while I struggle to finish one little section. You are always so selfless and do whatever it takes to support me. Thank you for these things and the other million things that you do! At least we can look back and say that our lives were never boring! Thank you for being beside me on all of these crazy adventures! Here’s to making 2014 the most amazing year yet! <3

15 Responses to “Some Exciting News to Start the New Year!”

  1. shannon yanko says:

    Congrats!!! Im so excited for you and matt! The space looks amazing, and i cant wait to see all of your upcoming work

  2. Carmen says:

    What a beautiful studio!!! I’m so happy for you!!

  3. Rachel Fox says:

    It looks AMAZING, guys!! Congratulations! I wish we could fly to San Diego just to be there for the opening. Best of luck for your new venture! :-)

  4. Thank you all!! I definitely wish all of you could be here to see it! Shannon and Carmen, you two are definitely part of the inspiration behind this new direction we are taking! We love seeing all your baby and family pics and watching your families grow! Big hugs to you and all the best in 2014! : )

    And Rachel, we wish you and Justin continued success in the New Year! Excited to see what this year brings to your business! <3

  5. the places looks great!!! Congratulations and wishing you much success in 2014 and beyond.

  6. Thanks Sandra!! Same to you and your hubby!

  7. Lenara Funk says:

    The studio looks awesome!! Love all the pieces you brought in!
    We will be there for the open house! :-)

  8. Mom and Dad Tundermann says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck on this new and exciting adventure. We love you and support you completely.

  9. holly herrin says:

    Wow, it looks AMAZING! I wish I could just stop on by but sending lots of love and support from afar! You’re super duper talented and I am sure it will be a success! So exciting!!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support!! It still feels surreal, but being able to finally share the news it’s starting to feel like a reality!

  11. Rupa says:

    I’m so thrilled for you Gwen!!! Working in fear and being clear and resilient through it is such a great feeling and I’m so happy that you are there!! Will be with you in heart for the opening!! xoxo

  12. HUGE THANKS to you Rupa! Yes, so hard to get past that fear. It keeps creeping up and trying to drag me back down, but I am growing more an more defiant of it!

  13. Sheila says:

    Congratulations Gwen! That is wonderful news!!!!

  14. Mary Marantz says:

    Ahhhh it looks SO awesome Gwen!!! Love it!! “Doubt is the enemy of dreamers”…SO true!!


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