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Call me biased, but I think southern California is one of the most beautiful places in the world! I love the desert and the coast and all of the mountains! Plus it’s almost July and I needed a light sweater yesterday because it was chilly! We’ve been here almost two years, and we still say “I can’t believe we live here!” I really can’t!

Coming out here, I had some photography must-shoot locations on my wish list. I’ve shot most of them, but one thing I haven’t gotten to shoot yet is the desert wildflowers. With the drought this year, shooting among the wildflowers wasn’t a possibility in the location I wanted to do them. But then I thought “I wonder if we have any lavender fields here?” A quick Google search led me to find Keys Creek Lavender Farm, located less than an hour from me! Because you can find the beach, desert, and snow within an hour or two of here, so why not a lavender farm?! I love this place!

Lucky for me, a group of shoot and share photographers decided to do a photography outing at Keys Creek, so I had the perfect opportunity to shoot there! I’m so thrilled that Wendy and Chris put this event together and brought such an amazing team of models and photographers! One of the models wore a lovely vintage lavender dress from my Etsy shop Sweet Bisou!

Now I get this wonderful location off the wish list (though I’d happily go back there again!). Keys Creek is open to the public for tours and they also do special events like English tea. It’s also a perfect place for a wedding! A huge thanks to everyone involved in this event!

VENUE | Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Maternity | Felicia
Maternity Makeup/Hair | Natalie’s Hair-Bridal

Bride | Mandy Powers
Groom | Andrew Enriquez

Couple | Betty & Eric Kunz
Betty’s MUA | Beauty by Alee

Female Model | Heather DeCarbo
Lavender Empire Waist Dress | Sweet Bisou

Senior Model | Sophie
























Weddings are definitely our passion, but we also really love shooting senior portraits! We’ve thought about developing our senior portrait business more, but the fact is that weddings just keep us so busy all year round! But when my friend Janene asked if I had some time to shoot senior portraits for her daughter, Kerryn, I was so excited! Seniors are fun because it’s such an exciting time for them and the session really is a reflection of their personality! Kerryn brought several adorable outfits and let her personality shine for the camera!

Janene asked if she could have a few photos with her daughter, and I think you’ll see where gets her beauty from! Janene and I used to work together, and she is just a doll! We had a great time with them both on Saturday! : )






















This morning we had fun shooting a senior portrait session with Kerryn, who is the daughter of my dear friend Janene. And if you think that this session was easy because Kerryn is gorgeous… then you are so right! She chose several adorable outfits and the overcast sky provided great light for us to work with!

It was hard to choose a favorite, so we chose one that wouldn’t give away our location! When we post more on Tuesday, I think a lot of people will recognize the beautiful venue we used for Kerryn’s shoot! It was the perfect setting! We can’t wait to share them!


We always get so excited when we get referrals from past clients! We first met Ashley when we shot her sister Amanda’s wedding back in May. And Amanda was referred to us by one of our 2008 brides, Kaci, so we are just excited to keep building relationships with all of their friends and family!

On a day that was WAY too hot for fall, we met up with Ashley down in Green Cove for her senior photo session at the park and around downtown. At one point, I showed one of Ashley’s pics to Mom and she commented how much she looked like her sister and her in her voice I could tell what she was really was saying was that her baby was all grown up!

Congratulations Ashley! You’re half way through senior year! Cherish these next few months because they are going to fly by! : )

See even more on Ashley’s slideshow!

We’ve been posting lots of slideshows lately! The slideshows are just a fun extra thing we like to include. I don’t think we’ve ever done a slideshow quite as fun as this one! Here’s a look at Britany’s senior portrait session in Pittsburgh. She totally brought her unique style to the shoot, so we had to make her a killer slideshow. I was nervous when I sent it to her, but she loved it and loved the song! I hope you all love it to. Get ready for a little attitude and a lot of fun!

When I started talking to Britany about her senior photo session, we both had the same idea – it had to be very edgy and urban. Britany has so much style and with her confidence and “attitude” she totally worked the camera. We headed out around downtown Pittsburgh without really having much of a plan for locations. We just drove until we saw stuff that would make an awesome background! Pittsburgh is such a treasure for photo shoots because of its industrial roots. Everything is very old and rustic – the perfect setting for Brit’s shoot!

It’s so hard to believe that these shots are from a high school senior and not a model! Britany is gorgeous but she also just so outgoing and uninhibited that taking photos of her was so easy. It’s easy to see why she has been voted for lead her cheerleading squad as captain for the 2nd year in a row! Go Britany!

This is just quick selection and edit of photos from her session today. I have a few anxious people who really can’t wait to see her photos because this little hottie also happens to be my cousin! What can I say? Good looks run in our family! : )

Congrats, Britany! So proud of you and hope you have a great senior year! I look forward to next time when we can get those cheerleading shots!

Monday’s photo session was actually a double header! In addition to Christopher’s pics we also shot Kaitlyn’s senior photos. I refer to Kaitlyn as my cousin, but she is actually my cousin’s daughter. It’s so hard to believe how grown up she is! She looks so much like her mom. And not only is she gorgeous, she’s also so unselfish and hard-working!

Kaitlyn, we wish you the best for your senior year! We’re all so proud of you! : )

On our last day in Pittsburgh, Matt & I took my “little” brother Chris out for a portrait session. I say “little” because at 2 months shy of 18 he towers over me like he’s the older sibling. It’s so hard to believe he’s all grown up! Man, I REALLY wish I could find that cute little baby pic of him dressed up like Santa so I could embarrass him right now!

Well, he has come a long way since that cute little baby photo. He’s now trying to finish up the last of his homeschool program so he can start thinking about the next step in his life.

My mom is gonna be so excited when she sees these! My brothers joke around that all the pictures in the house are of me and she only puts other people’s pics up when they come to visit. Now she’ll have plenty of new photos of Chris to put around the house! Guess I’ll need to do a portrait session with my brother Kenny the next time I see him! : )

Yesterday, we met up with Rachel for her Senior Photo Session. After meeting with her last week, we discovered that we had very similar tastes! Her style is more classic – the kind of elegance that never goes out of style!

Rachel is such a beautiful young lady with a gorgeous smile. We wish her all the luck and success in her future endeavors! Congrats Rachel! : )

Tiara’s Senior Session

December 7, 2008

During our Thanksgiving trip to Central Florida, we took the opportunity to go to Sebring for Tiara’s senior photo session. Tiara is the daughter of Greshawn, whom you may remember from her wedding that I shot in October. I just love this family and feel like they are such great friends, so I was very excited to shoot some photos for Tiara.

This was primarily an indoor shoot, though I hope we can find some time to do an outdoor session either in Jacksonville or somewhere closer to Sebring. Tiara was so much fun to work with because she is just cute and full of personality!

Enjoy your senior year, Tiara! It goes by so fast. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors! : )