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As we begin the New Year, Matt and I have been reflecting on some of our favorite moments of 2013. It was another incredible year filled with special memories and special people. There were moments that made our hearts melt and others that made us laugh until our cheeks hurt! We traveled to some beautiful places and we got to explore this new place that we call home in southern California!

This was our first year as San Diego wedding photographers, and though we love shooting weddings here in California we also had the opportunity to travel once again to destinations throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean! It was so amazing to shoot our couples against the backdrop of bridges in New York, mossy oak trees in Savannah, and sandy shores of Jamaica. Here in California, we saw the beauty of the rocky coastline, the grandeur of northern California’s forests, and enjoyed year-round beautiful weather!

We also got to share in joyous celebrations with those we love! We traveled to China for Matt’s brother’s wedding, experiencing a new culture and seeing some of the most amazing sites in all the world! And recently, Gwen’s best friend got engaged, so we look forward to his wedding in 2014!

Over the past few weeks, we have thought a lot about what we want 2014 to look like for our business, and we have some HUGE news to share with everyone tomorrow! We are so excited about taking things in a new direction and excited for being able to offer so much more to our clients and their friends and families! And, of course, we can’t wait to share new memories with our 2014 couples, beginning with our first couple of the year just a week and a half away!

But before we move forward with our exciting plans for the new year, we want to send a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who made 2013 such an amazing year! We wish you continued love and happiness in the New Year!

Alexis & Eike | March 2nd | San Diego, CA
Biana & Gary | March 23rd | Jacksonville, FL
Kenzi & Jeff | March 30th | Negril, Jamaica
Kristine & Zachary | April 12th | Savannah, GA
Kyle & John | April 27th | Las Vegas, NV
D & O | June 1st | Mariposa, CA
Julie & Garrett | June 21st | New Haven, CT
Kerri & Corey | July 4th | Poughkeepsie, NY
Rachel & Jon | July 28th | San Diego, CA
Roya & JJ | August 30th | Oceanside, CA
Christa & Roberto | September 6th | San Marcos, CA
Carolyn & Patrick | September 7th | San Diego, CA
Cali & Geoff | September 28th | San Diego, CA
Maria & John | October 5th | San Diego, CA
Jennifer & William | October 12th | Castaic, CA
Brianna & Donnie | December 7th | Jacksonville, FL


Since I’m catching up on some past-due blogging, I have to share some more photos from the underwater Trash The Dress shoot/class I did over the summer! That was so much fun, and hopefully sometime this year or early next year I will get my own setup for underwater shoots! For this shoot I borrowed cameras from the ladies who organized the shoot, which was so sweet of them! Right now I’m debating between a few different underwater camera options (housing for my current camera bodies or some of the different cameras designed for underwater use). I know this is something I would definitely love to do again and do much more of! I absolutely love the water, even if I am both fascinated by and terrified of the things that live in it! Hopefully the love of water and underwater photography will help me get over that fear of things that live below the surface! : )

Underwater photography is quite challenging. One of the challenges is getting your settings for the shoot, because when you use underwater house it is difficult to change your settings. I have this issue with the underwater housing for our Sony point and shoot (which I didn’t get to use this time because my battery died!). This is where a special underwater camera may have an advantage. Also, lighting is just as important underwater as it is on land, perhaps even more so because you have all that water that acts as a thick filter and reduces the clarity of your shot. And just as on land, lighting can create interest within the shot. In the first shot there is only ambient light, but in the later shots light is being bounced off a big reflector. I have some ideas for lighting techniques I’d like to try for an underwater shoot sometime!

I was so surprised to find that the biggest challenge was staying underwater! And I don’t mean just holding your breath (though that is another challenge in itself). I mean literally staying physically under the water! I kept floating to the top and all over the place! But I enjoy a challenge and I had so much fun shooting underwater! Hopefully I’ll find more opportunities to do shoots like this!








Melissa had this idea to do a trash the dress session for her birthday, and it was so much fun! I know it was a fun time because I pretty much forgot about the threat of tarantulas crawling on me as we shot on a dark country dirt road! We played with color gels and makeshift fog for a cool effect, and Melissa had a bottle of Jäger and some Jäger cupcakes to add to the party! Here are a few of my favorites from her Trash The Dress session!
















Last night we did a crazy trash the dress session with a dirt road, a bottle of Jäger, cupcakes, and a very fun birthday girl! I can’t wait to post the photos, but since today is Melissa’s birthday we had to post a little sneak peek for her! Happy birthday Melissa! : )


We had so much fun meeting up with Kristine & Zachary the day after their wedding for more photos in downtown Savannah! I have to admit their wedding is one that I didn’t want to end, so I’m glad we were able to hang out some more on the cobblestone streets of Savannah. Here’s one of my favorites from our stop at the beautiful Forsyth Park!


One of our favorite things to do after a wedding is a Trash The Dress session (or a Day After session). We have several scheduled for this year (mostly for destination weddings) so we thought we would share a few thoughts about why you should add a Day After/Trash The Dress session to your photography package!

More Relaxed Setting
The wedding day is usually pretty hectic and includes a tight schedule. Most couples schedule some time between the ceremony and reception to do some photos, but more often than not it’s not enough time. Besides, it’s tough to concentrate on photos when you’re ready to party! A day-after session is a great chance to take pictures in a more relaxed setting without all the hustle and bustle.


A Chance to Get Creative
Let’s face it, most brides are concerned about getting that white wedding dress dirty on the wedding day. But you’re going spend a ton of money to get it cleaned anyways, so why not try something fun and creative by doing a day-after photo session. The phrase “Trash the Dress” gets thrown out there a lot, but it doesn’t actually mean you have to destroy your wedding dress. A “Trash the Dress” or “Day After” session can be whatever you want, from going into a field to finding some cool urban settings.


Show Your Personality
You’ve got that amazing dress, why not show it off! And a great way to do that is use some of your favorite accessories. Have a hot pair of shoes? Wear them with your wedding dress. Have some cool jewelry pieces? Perfect! A Day-After session will let your personality shine. One of my favorite examples is one of our brides who’s a total cowgirl at heart. She wanted to take photos in her dress with her favorite pair of cowgirl boots, her cowgirl hat, and her awesome denim jacket. The photos were totally her style and personality and let her have a lot of fun with her wedding dress.


More photos from the 30th Annual Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) convention! This time I have photos to share from a HOT photo shoot in the desert hosted by Scarlett Lillian!

It was really nice to get away from the craziness of the Las Vegas strip and shoot in the beautiful surrounding desert! The bus ride alone was so much fun and I got to meet some great photographers because of this workshop! In fact, our gorgeous models were Erin & Gavin Wade, a husband and wife photography team from California! Just as amazing in front of the camera as they are behind it!

I knew that my trip to Vegas would not be complete unless I did a shoot in the desert, so as soon as Scarlett’s workshop went live I was frantically trying to type in all the information to secure my spot! I thought it would sell out immediately, so my heart was racing! It did sell out fast, but my spot was safe! : )

It was so great meeting everyone who participated in the shoot and I want to thank Scarlett for organizing it and Erin & Gavin for bringing the hotness to these photos! Their love for each other and the beautiful location in which this entire shoot took place just made for the most romantic photos! I’m so excited to finally share them!

Ah… has it really been 7 days already that I’ve been in Vegas?!?! I’m sitting at the airport right now waiting to head back to the East Coast, thinking about the blur that has been the past week. Between all the workshops, shoots, trade show, chatting with people and dealing with a 3 hour time difference, I feel like I was hit by a truck that went in reverse and ran over me again! Whew!

I’m taking away a lot from WPPI, and one of those things is some fun Trash The Dress photos on the Las Vegas strip! This was part of a group shoot set up by Chicago photographer Melissa Diep. As you can imagine, trying to do a group photo shoot with over 40 photographers and 5 models on the busy sidewalks of the strip was a bit chaotic. But when we were able to take the models to the side streets and shoot we were able to get some fun images. Here are a few:

Wild horses, the ruins of a mansion, antique car skeletons, canopies of trees and moss, pristine beaches – there’s nothing about Cumberland Island that isn’t captivating. To add to the island’s mystique, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette had a very private wedding ceremony on the island. The wedding was photographed by the incomparable Denis Reggie, who spoke at our local PUG meeting last year!

It was the perfect location for Kaci’s Trash The Dress session! Kaci was one of our brides from 2008. She and Dusty had their wedding at Club Continental, and it’s still one of my favorite weddings ever! In fact, I have a 24×36 print on my wall from their wedding that might be replaced only by one of Kaci’s Trash The Dress photos from this weekend!

This shoot took a while to put together. Kaci first started told me about her cowgirl photo shoot idea last fall, but we couldn’t find the time to make it happen before the holidays. But she planted the idea in my head and a few weeks ago I had a random vision of Kaci on a beach with horses in the background, and I emailed her immediately about doing her photo session at Cumberland Island. Finally, after we had to reschedule twice, Kaci’s rockin’ Trash The Dress session took place yesterday!

And it was sooooo worth the wait! It was also worth the exhaustion and complete soreness from a photo shoot that required a commitment of 12 hours to shoot and miles and miles of walking. But we knew all that going in to the shoot, and everyone was committed to making it happen! Kaci brought Aunt Clara along and she helped so much with the shoot. Plus it’s always nice to see Aunt Clara!

Kaci is very natural in front of the camera, so we shot about as many images for this session as we would a wedding! We were just having a lot of fun and there were so many different locations to shoot that we couldn’t help ourselves! There were parts of the island that inspired a kind of fairytale look and other parts where we felt like we were shooting in Arizona. An interesting combination, for sure, but both really matched Kaci’s elegant dress and also her country style! It’s really hard to choose favorites and we even had to narrow it down from those, but here’s a peek at some of the ones that topped the list:

When someone recently asked about Trash The Dress sessions on a forum discussion, I was happy to share my opinion! We are big fans of the trend! It’s such a fun idea to get into the dress again after the wedding and do something creative with it!

The discussion led to a post on the My Photo Video blog and they included one of our images from the Key West Trash The Dress Session we shot with Maria & Peter. This session included some of the most stunning images we have ever captured and gave Maria & Peter some very unique, beautiful photos from their romantic getaway in Key West:

But not all Trash The Dress sessions require you to really “trash” your dress. We shot Beth & Mark’s Jacksonville Trash The Dress Session at one of North Florida’s historic locations. It was playful and romantic and some of the images are still among our favorites today:

And then, there are the unplanned Trash The Dress sessions! While shooting Deby & Michael’s Jacksonville Wedding last summer, they decided that the June heat was a little too much… so they jumped in the pool! Imagine Matt & I running over to the pool with my jaw dropped on the ground in shock! This is definitely a wedding memory they won’t forget:


If you are thinking about doing a Trash The Dress session, think about some things that you like to do and see if that can be incorporated into the session. Or, go with a theme (like from your favorite movie). Also, keep an open mind. Places that look run down can make a surprisingly cool background. The possibilities are endless when it comes to “trashing” your dress! Make it your own!